A New Company! Rheostat – Patient Experience Focused Dental Consulting, App, and Marketing

A New Company! Rheostat – Patient Experience Focused Dental Consulting, App, and Marketing

What’s up guy, this is Dr. O from Innovative Dental, and this is the first video that we’re releasing about Rheostat. And if you watch the last video on the Innovative Dental Cosmetic Implant Center channel, then you may have seen that I talked and alluded a little bit about what Rheostat’s about.

I talked about how it’s going to be our new company a new channel, but this is the first one that we’re launching really officially describing why it even exists where the direction is going. I’M going to allude to some of the topics we’ll talk about, but this is the first one.

So if you’re a dental professional and maybe not a patient as a patient, you’re not going to want to subscribe to the Rheostat channel. But if you’re a dental professional, a doctor, an assistant, a hygienist, just know that this channel is really for. You. It’s not like I’ve got all the answers in dentistry by any means, but I feel like what we’ve done here has been very successful. It’s been super rewarding to make a difference in people’s lives to a high level, our team and our patients, And rather than just keep that kind of like hey.

This is our secret sauce. My goal is to say: okay, how can we take what we’re learning here and make a real difference in this world with dentistry, I mean, I know, that’s a big dream, and it’s a big vision, but if anybody that knows me pretty clearly and says We dream big here at Innovative Dental, And so this vision for Rheostat is really about dreaming big dreaming way beyond our four walls?

Dreaming beyond Springfield Missouri The vision goes to: how can we help as many practices achieve their dreams, be able to take what they know and love already and probably are very passionate about dentistry and make it that much more successful for them? And so our philosophies, our culture development, our team leadership, our marketing, all of these avenues of what is making innovative dental tick, we’re going to be talking about and sharing on Rheostat.

So hopefully, that’s exciting to you So now that you know a little bit about why we’re creating the channel I’ll give you a few ideas of what you can expect from our channel First is that we are going to be releasing an app, probably by the end Of this year, the application is already in beta testing.

What it does is it basically helps offices communicate with each other in a high level, We’re not just putting stuff into patient practice management software we’re actually tracking patient movement, we’re tracking doctor team movement. So, we’re really getting a good objective analysis of the behaviors that lead to the results we want to see And that’s a huge value for our practice, and we know that it’d be a great value for you, So stay tuned for that the Rheostat app is phenomenal.

It’s only going to keep getting better So we’ve got the app and then we’ve got consulting It’s nice to be able to see great results, but we know those results come to behaviors, So behaviors are driven by that core belief. Your mission, your vision, your core values. We want to give you some ideas about how we think, maybe some people in the industry are missing what we could do with the vision for dentistry and dental care, And the other thing would be obviously the values.

What really defines you, What have you set out as some core values in your practice? So, everybody is on the same page about how to come in how to be excited, what to be excited about and what is the acceptable way to behave and really be a part of a thriving team. That’s going to be some of the discussion is that consulting Then? Lastly, obviously right now we’re doing it would be a form of marketing We’re talking we’re engaging with you, we’re branding ourselves, we’re doing it on YouTube social media, So we know marketing is a huge aspect of successful businesses. We feel like our philosophy for marketing, has really made a huge difference because we get the word out about who we are.

We help people feel genuinely connected with us before they come to our practice. We help them feel safe. I don’t know about you guys, but a lot of patients in dentistry, they’re high anxiety, They’re nervous they’re anxious about being in your practice, They’re trembling to pick up that phone and give us a call. We want to help you create a better environment in your community to see the patients be able to trust you and thus get the awesome smile, the healthy smile and that rewarding experience that everybody gets to have the patient and your team. When we market correctly and attract those patients and then get to help them, So that’s really what Rheostat’s about!

I hope that excites you, I know this is just kind of a little teaser, but Rheostat is really going to have some awesome impacts in our industry. The number of things we’re going to be able to learn and share as a group and hopefully accelerate and provide better dentistry for everybody. Change the way patients really view going to the dentist, And I think it’s funny too, I say change the way: patients. Obviously, 50% of the public goes to the dentist. Isn’t that shocking right, 50%, so that means 50%, don’t We’re not talking about how do we compete against each other, and just have this idea that dentists are all competing.

I really feel like there’s a lot of competition that we have really not with other dentists, but with what people are spending their money on rather than their dental care. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the way people view going to the dentist, and they value preventative care, they value balance, they value missing, teeth being fixed, they value a nice smile that gives them confidence. I mean, these are all things that we can do, and we can do it together. We’ve been doing it here at Innovative Dental I can’t wait to do that with all of you through our consulting app and our marketing All coming soon, and so some of the next videos. I think the next video I’ve got lined up we’re going to do an office tour And that should be a ton of fun.

I know that a lot of the dental professionals, I’m assuming most of the professionals, are interested in seeing what we built our office like and around and some of the spaces. Why do they exist So we’re going to go through all of that in the office? Tour. Video, but maybe some patients that are wanting to travel to Innovative Dental are wanting to do that too. This video, obviously, is going to be on both channels.

From now on, most of it will be Rheostat stuff. Think about it as dental professional information, I’m talking to dental-related people, people that work in the dental office that understand dentistry because it’s what they’re schooled on it’s what they’re passionate about providing And then obviously I want to help still help people travel to Innovative Dental and See their smile transformed here with our amazing team and our technology and our experience doing that. So, that’s going to still be our Innovative Dental Cosmetic Implant Center page and channel Anyways, I thought I’d clarify all that and give you some ideas about. Rheostat is about, I can’t wait. This is going to be a fun adventure, expect videos coming out every week or two on our Cosmetic and Implant Center page And then expect maybe about once a month on our Rheostat, That’s kind of our goals.

Right now, So I thought I’d just give you that heads up And you know what guys you have an awesome week ahead, thanks for tuning in and watching this whole video. I know I talk a lot, but that’s the whole point, right, share. What we’re passionate about share? What’s exciting, give you some information? So if you stuck around to now give it a thumbs up subscribe, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video Keep smiling, it looks good on you.


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