Barry F. Bartusiak, DMD. Discusses Cosmetic Dentistry with Randy Alvarez.

You’Re watching the Wellness, our leader in medical news and information, I’m Randy hours, today’s topic smile makeovers. According to my first guess, small improvements to your smile can make a big difference. We have Pittsburgh’s go-to guy when you want a beautiful smile, dr. Bart Uzi, a conectar. Much easier welcome to the program, thanks for having me on the show Andy all right.

Now I cosmetic dentist, yes and but for people that don’t know you. I guess you do a lot of things: who’s, your typical patient, and what are the procedures you do in your office? Our typical patient Randy? Is anybody from toddler to a 92 year old? Okay, we service, all that’s, got a family practice, it’s a family practice when we welcome all ages.

We take care of you know mostly family members. The typical patient, if you would be, would be mom dad and the kids. We have everybody from the local policeman to the steel worker to the person that works. The computer software company cosmetic, dentistry by the way are the patient’s. Getting older and older.

I mean, are people coming in for the so-called there or smile makeovers? Are they getting old or is it younger people? Typically, it’s across the board. It can be anybody. Anybody can be more useful, more attractive, more vibrant, with a great smile, okay, you’re Dennis you’re Dennis.

Of course, you think the smile is important. How important is it as you, as you see it’s the window to the world? How many times do you walk into a room, and you get immediately attracted and say I want to meet that person, whether it’s in a business meeting, whether it’s a social situation, they have a nice inviting smile and they bring you and they walk. You in you want to go ahead and speak with. You know.

We talked on the telephone and we were talking about job interviews. You know who do you hire the person smiling or the person right? That seems to be serious or they present themselves so well with a great smile. It exudes confidence. It shows that you want to be there.

You want that position, it it’s the window to your about a lot of questions about porcelain, veneers. You know what I’m a cosmetic dentistry today smile makeovers, but I always feel like I could spot, and I told you this in the green room I could spot to you know 15 20 yards away veneers. Yes, the chiclet smile right, okay, who wants that? Who woke up this morning to said whoo want some big white chick with semi teeth, well, actually hands to the dentist. If you see that Randy, not a patient of ours, obviously being is we want to listen to our patients, we take pride in listening to our patients and telling us what they want.

We want them going out with a very natural smile. We went them presenting themselves in the any situation, whether it’s a business or social relationship, with a lot of confidence looking natural and nobody going, oh where’d, you get that done. We want them to say. Oh, your hair looks different. Oh, is that a new suit oftentimes?

That’S what our patients here, nobody said anything to be doctor about my smile people do not like going to the dentist right right who welcomed this morning. You said wow I run to go to the dentist. Do they say no offense doctor but well they’ll? What we say no offense doctor, but I hate you and I go that’s fine and there’s a condition. There’S a name for your medical condition.

Yeah, it’s called normal. It’S called normal. Okay, it’s called normal. They don’t want to be there, but they want us to make them look better. They want to eat at the Thanksgiving table and that’s what we help provide them to do, but your background training, yet you say that you’ve gotten like fit after dental school.

Yes, like 1500 hours of probably more probably one class a month, that’s right, n! Yes! Is it that much really killer? Yes, there is it’s the smallest of things and another thing is often times you get what it’s called affirmation where you’re just affirming. What we’re doing is correct, we’re at the latest and greatest edge of technology and what we’re doing is spot-on and that’s very important to it.

My staff goes with me now. I saw your photos. Okay, we briefly looked at them. Do you think that it’s more art than science? I think it’s a combination of both?

I don’t really know. If there’s you could really say it’s this percentage that or this percentage this, but you have to have the technical skills to be able to do it. You have to have the hand-eye coordination be able to do it. You have to have the ears to be able to do it. Ears, yes, ears, because you have to listen to that patient oftentimes they’ll set up patient help me help you.

What do you want me to do for you if you could sit in my chair yeah? What are they say on a cosmetic consult? What do they say to you doctor? Thank you. That’S the first thing because the other two doctors I went to they didn’t listen to me.

Okay, what are the different categories, then of cosmetic dentistry? Well, let’s start with whitening whitening is one of the easy ways to enhance your appearance. Okay, I feel more useful, whether you’re 30 40 50 you’re going to that reunion. You have that wedding coming up. You have that reception whatever it may be.

That’S an excellent way to make you look very natural and very appealing is that the most popular procedure that you have by far so we’ve got whitening then, what’s the next level up, I guess of cosmetic, dentistry well oftentimes, when we were children, we have black fillings Black or silver fillings placed on our back teeth and when you’re talking in that appearance, yeah, that’s another aspect, so metal, free, dentistry in a well correct where we would place composite fillings that would be tooth colored so that they blend into the smile blend into when You’Re talking and they look very natural, are they still doing metal fillings across the country? I mean? Do you do them very rarely? Yes, yes, they do. Even bridges and partials have become cosmetic without a diet.

Absolutely right, because with bridges you can have a nonmetal bridge where it’s just all ceramic, very natural-looking, actually stronger than the metal. Really okay, yes, ceramic sub advanced with technology, as has the x partials, can be metal-free blending in. If that’s the option that that patient wants to take and there’s also something called invisible braces now, where will you call that your practice, invisible bracelet? If there’s no braces okay, I thought you had a fancy name for it. The company that we use is called clear, correct, okay, love, clear correct.

We have had so much success with that with that product in terms of just gently moving the teeth side by side and creating enough space where, in a short period of time, now, typically normal braces three years, lots of wet wires, lots of metal, okay, invisible, braces, Half the time 12 to 18 months, plastic trays, a lot of the adults doing this going for this adult orthodontics huge, I mean for people that can’t afford veneers. Well, here’s a way to very conservatively make your smile. Look better! Look healthier! You look younger, make yourself more attractive for in a very easy fashion.

What happens is? Is the patient who’s had orthodontics before in their teens, traditional orthodontic, say off times when they’re in the 30s? In their 40s, the teeth shift on the front on the lower, especially and then they start to overlap. And then you see that crooked smile lower teeth, that the lower teeth, especially and then the upper teeth start to overlap a little bit and so invisible braces can clean that up in a heartbeat make that look fabulous. So we would like to see that type of patient in for consultation, because what happens is is, as you get older, the face becomes a little less elastic.

You mostly show your lower teeth when you talk and smile good point, good point: okay, that’s right! When you’re older, just the bottom yeah watch the newscast tonight, you will see mostly lower teeth on the new cases. Shelly, yes, and so those special nails is that your most popular procedure, by the way, just the bottom teeth that have shifted. That is correct. Yes, very popular, and then a very successful is that right now?

What about when you hear terms like instant orthodontics? What are we talking about? Their instant orthodontics would be using porcelain, veneers to create the magic of I have straight beautiful, wonderful teeth. So, instead of the this invisible braces, yes, which going with veneers right off the bat right that could invisible braces, let’s say, could take 9 to 18 months, maybe 24 months we can do instant orthodontics with veneers three weeks and they could look natural. They do look natural, okay, good, that you say: you’re changing people’s lives.

Yes, how so elaborate on that? Well, when a patient comes in and they cry in your chair – and they say I don’t go out in public anymore, why? I hate my smile? I don’t like the way I look, I if I have to go out in public. I talk like this and I cover my face because their teeth are just so bad broken.

Their teeth are so bad and broken down and when you can take that person and get them to a job interview and then then write you a thank-you note. I got this job because I projected confidence because now I have a great smile. Does that happen? Really Randy we see it, we see it on a daily basis, whether it’s the lady who was recently divorced and his back out on the market again alright and allowing her the confidence to go out in a social situation. We see it with the patient comes in, who wants to get a job and in this tough economic market that exists?

They know the theme need an edge and that they come in and they may have crooked teeth, but we see him come in may be shy. A little bit is that right, a little, you know inhibited and the next thing you know when we’re done, they’re, just lighting up the room, and you can just see the transformation. Do you really see me so when they want they come in for the the follow-ups and things like that? Oh My there’s absolutely differently. There they’re acting differently, the projecting, more confidence, more youthful appearance they have bought into their own success.

You brought, I guess, you have four children, three of them. You brought here the studio, great-looking family. Thank you. Any of them want to be a dentist by the way, not at this point in time. That was a little too early in the game.

Right now is that right: okay, good, okay! So, back to day, you brought some photos. Yes, okay, let’s take a look okay. So what are we looking at we’re talking on cosmetic, dentistry smile makeovers? According to dr Of R 2 dziak small improvements to your smile could make a big difference.

Knowledge, your self-esteem, your appearance, but how people perceive you okay. So what are we looking at here? I’M Randy take a look at this woman alright, and what we have here is someone who walks into the door and says I hate my smile, okay. Well, what do you hate about your smile? My teeth are crooked.

I don’t like to smile. I’M generally a happy person, but i find myself covering up my face when I stalk social situations. I feel a little bit awkward, but I’m a very you know: vibrant people person, but I’m very self-conscious to this. So once she tells you what you know she wants when you look at that mouth, what do you see? What I see is a smile, that’s going to be transformed.

Okay, I see a smile that has a lot of potential and can be fixed relatively easy. I see a smile with darkened corners in the mouth that doesn’t lend itself to a youthful appearance. I see crooked teeth that are discolored discolored teeth, as we talked previously say that I’m aging all right. Let’S take the eraser to that. Let’S whitener up a little bit.

Let’S go ahead and make those crooked teeth straight with some instant orthodontics. Here’S a case where just a interesting and how old is this woman in her late 50s early 60s? Okay, now, when you see this, you know they say with the you know certain artists, or I mean, do you see her mouth when you look at this before, do you say this is going to be good? I mean in your mind you my mind’s eye. I see the finished product when she walks in the door.

Is that right? Yes, my mind’s eye, I see exactly, do you get excited? Sometimes it’s a oh! This is gon na. Be good, oh, absolutely, because I know that I get to see her three four weeks down the road and we are completed with that case.

How vibrant she’s going to look? How happy she’s gon na be and she’s going to give me a big hug and we’re gon na go down happy built together. So with her all you did was whitening adult orthodontics, which is the invisible brace. No, we didn’t do anything. She didn’t require that she didn’t want to do any of that.

She wanted instant gratification boom done. We did some veneer work for her and she just said number one. I don’t want orthodontics number to fix it. I said what do you mean she said fix it. She said my friends recommended you you’re the best fix.

It said: okay and randomly they see these afters okay, and you look at this before you’re gon na say really. You guys could do that. Okay in a heartbeat, yes – and let’s take a look: okay, three dice. What we’ve done for this patient is transformed her smile by attention to detail attention to the little things all right. You don’t see the dark corners of her mouth at this point in time.

Reversi nice straight teeth that are feminized their curve. Females have shaped. What do you mean by that? What do mean by that? There are many subtleties to the tooth: wear light reflection, how it protrudes the lip line, how the top teeth.

If we look at the top teeth, how they just grazed the lower lip, that’s the perfect interesting, that’s the Mona Lisa! Is that right? Yes, exactly are you here? Abby seemed very proud of this work. Well, of course, when you, but it’s all a part of it, it’s it’s the patient.

We see in our office. We do our best work on her best patients. This lady was a great patient, very cooperative, very helpful, so when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time, what happens like? What are they doing? Is that right, tears tears there get giddy, they smile.

They can’t stop smiling they’re like I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it because we know we have in our minds eye what they’re finished product is. She hopes she has. What that finished product is she’s seen the chicklets that some leaving the phony looking veneers exactly you have this thing. A test drive take, take a smile on a test drive.

We always do that. What does that mean? Well, ninety-nine point: nine percent happy doesn’t cut it in our office. Okay here comes the perfectionist part. Ok, so my patients know they have to kind of deal with me on that ninety-nine point: nine percent isn’t going to cut it.

Why, unless you’re on a percent, happy we’re not on a percent happy. So if somebody gets a smile maker such as this, what we have them do is we haven’t test drive it. We put everything to use those words. We use those words test. Drive you go ahead, you wear those we’ll put them in some temporary cement.

They’Ll be secure enough that you can be in any situation socially or business wise that you can go into, but you get to test-drive. You come back a couple weeks later, you tell us, is there anything that you can change? Is you want this change that change? Whether it’s shade or shape or whatever it may be, when they’re on a percent happy where hun percent happen, then what then you just permanently, we just take them off and partly insert them right. It’S that right.

I mean that people like that, obviously well. Oftentimes they’ll come back two weeks later and say: can you make this tooth just a little bit more rounded over your sure, and if it’s something we can do chairside we do if it’s something that we need our great laboratory to intervene with. We do when that patient is one hundred percent satisfied. No more satisfying, you say the laboratory yeah is plays a big role in making the teeth. Look.

Authentic, huge, okay, huge laboratory, plays a huge role. That’S when their ears have to be turned on to what our X, so they make the teeth. They’Re the ones made, make the teeth: okay and we’re very specific and color mapping taking hundreds of photon down. Hundreds of but taking many photos photos a lot of took a lot of photos of the patient so that we can go ahead and give that laboratory as much information as possible, so they can deliver a natural looking youthful smile. Some people come in with some small flaws that they notice that maybe the rest of us junkie, public, wouldn’t, but she noticed them.

This patient does modeling this patient as a business owner she’s very prominent in our community, and she wanted this look, and so we were able to work with her and create this type of. Let’S take a look Randy you talked about earlier about. You could spot of a near 25 yards away yeah. Could you spot those on her? No, no very natural, very natural, looking smile lip line is there blends in, looks very knit and that’s a confident person that you’re looking at okay, so cosmic that I mean is it become mainstream?

Now I mean do they come in, say I want to smile makeover. They just say: what can you do basically there’s? Well, the Internet has been a great tool. The Internet’s provided a lot of knowledge to our patients as well as word of mouth. Most of our patients come to us via word of mouth.

Alright, what frustrates you by the way about what’s going on in the world of cosmetic dentistry, because I know you said look, I want to stay positive Randy. I think a lot goes into this in terms of training and differentiation between this dentist than that dentist. Okay, cosmetic dentist has had a lot of training, a lot of expertise in handling these types of cases versus somebody who hasn’t John Q. Public perceives, maybe all dentists, to be the same. It seems like you would all be doing the same kind of you know, cosmetic dentistry, I mean in a way I mean we don’t think that much about it correct.

So what do you look for, then? Are all our interests, a negative? Are all actors and actresses the same or all days, but what does the public look for then in a cosmetic dentist? And what do you ask? What do you ask you want to do you want to know their training?

You want to know what their staff has to say: ask the staff. Okay, ask the staff they’ll, tell you the truth. Interesting know what type of laboratories are using make sure that it’s a high quality laboratory. You want to see what training the doctor has had. Is it up to date, take a look at their office, make sure that they’re the highest of high tech and most of all look at their work?

Okay, look at what you’re seeing if you can spot that Chiclets 25 yards away, then that’s not the guy! You want to go to and Randy there’s another group of patients that I’d like to talk about, and that’s the the patient that lets say the perceived tough guy who’s. You know my gums are too bad to go there, I’m not a cosmetic dentist, a candidate. They just want to eat and chew. They just want to have functional with Ortiz.

That’S the way guys come in by the way, whether it’s just at the last minute. They can’t take it anymore. They can’t take it anymore, be the silent here coming down their cheek. I’M a big chicken they’ll say: I’m embarrassed. Can you help me?

Of course we can open. What we’re seeing right now is with our Marcellus Shale into play. We’Re seeing a lot of people come in from Texas and Oklahoma. Quite often, I’m in pain help me. I’M working 95 hours, they have the money.

These guys make a lot of money they’re doing quite well, god bless them. That’S wonderful and we want to help them and let’s they’re, coming in and we’re transforming them from not only wanting to eat better and chew. Better they’re smiling a little bit more confident, they’re doing well and okay going out into our community and banking. It very positive, more and more men are coming in then, for cosmic, more and more and more men, real men, manly died. Okay, okay, you have a photo.

This is pretty graphic by the way. What are we looking at here Randy? What we’re looking at here is a situation that many people, including the patient, called hopeless Wow. Many people call that a hopeless situation, the patient even said I know I’m going to get dentures. I’M ready to get dentures, I’m only in my late 20s, but I’m late 20s.

I’M ready to get dentures, and is that mean that has to be in common, though no? This is very common because you don’t see those people they’re covering up in the mouth like this. You might think they’re having a bad day or there. You know just kind of honked off of the world, but they’re not smiling because they’re very self, conscious of what they have. So you really don’t even see them, and this is this is very common and the patient always comes in and says.

I know I must be one of the worst cases you’ve ever seen, and we see this on a daily basis and when you see we kept this guy’s teeth, he did not get dentures. These are going to be his teeth that we did. But what about the gums I mean if a guy comes in with gums like that, I mean I mean that what does that mean? Their mouth be too far gone to have things done, Randy there’s always something can be done, whether it’s implants, whether it’s crowns, whether it’s British, okay, that’s partials, always something could be accomplished all right. So with him, when you look at that, I mean what are his goals at this point.

His goals were dentures his goals, really weird entras, I’m going to be able to eat. I want to be able to chew. That was about it and his goal was. I want to get a little bit better job, interesting, okay, yes, so when do you know that you could even do something it? Does it take an x-ray, or can you visually see it and go?

This is going to be good. Well, it’s a combination. This was a very complex case where we have to really put our brains together and our staff worth with me on this and our laboratory as well to ensure that we were going to get the result that we wanted to get all right all right. So wasn’t one of those I man I up on the street corner kind of deals. You really had to put some thought into this, and this goes back to you talked about spotting the chiclet of 25 yards away.

I don’t think you’re going to look at this guy when, when I show you the after and say those real those not so what you do for him, what would you do for? Well, we did. We did some dental implants. We did mainly some crown and bridge work and I believe that we transformed their life very nice Brenna. What does he say?

What it’s done shock and surprise, ok, shock and surprise just total in awe of. I look like this and now I look like this and it’s a great got to be good for the social life as well he’s doing great he’s doing great. He has a whole new perspective. The life I mean every time I walk into him, he’s smiling, but is there a certain kind of a patient that you know they’re watching this? They don’t like their smile.

That you’d like to see more of well Randy, there’s always something that can be done, whether it’s invisible braces, whether it’s crowns, whether it’s veneers we like to do everything in our office, there’s always a path available for that patient to go in head and transform their Smile and get better whether it’s a little thing, whether it’s one crown on that front tooth that they just don’t like, because they don’t smile 21 veneer that can transform their entire look and their appearance. There’S always something going to be done. Okay, now on the telephone and people need to know this, a real interview I mean you know, I’m not siding with you, I’m trying not to side with you, but one of the things you said to me on the phone and you want to make it very Clear to me – and I’m going to paraphrase here – but you said you know my office – we’re about options. That means it’s not about one thing or a full set of veneers correct. I want to do what they want to do elaborate on that correct.

We allow feisty about that particular point. I am feisty about that and the reasoning is it’s that patient smile and we want to look. Let them guide us help me help. You have them guide us as to where they want to go. It can be implants, it can be crowned, so it can be bridges, it can meet veneers, it can be, they can be asleep.

We can do the whole procedure while you’re asleep with an IV sedation case many patients like that because they wake up boom, they’re done and they’re happy and they didn’t. He just slept. They don’t remember the procedure. I don’t remember anything. Ok, ok, so the fear of the dentist.

You think that that keeps a lot of people from having the smile, but the percent of americans don’t come to the dentist due to fear, but we can allay those fears so that it isn’t too far gone or too late by IV, sedation dentistry. Now we are out of time and I have a few more photos. We have time for one more okay, all right. This is the lady that came in to us and she stated that she didn’t go out anymore. She was almost a recluse.

She never would leave the house because interesting she was so afraid, and this is a woman who is a vibrant member of our community, and she just said now. I just holed up in my house. I don’t go anywhere, I don’t go anywhere, I don’t even go to church. I don’t go anywhere, that’s hard to believe. Yes, I mean, I believe, you, i’m just saying it’s hard to believe the people that their smile keeps them from or their teeth their tea right with this patient.

It was total reconstruction of her mouth where we had to use dental implants. We had to use crowns and bridges to go ahead and project a more youthful appearance. If you look at her after case and they’re nice, it’s very transforming she’s almost not even used to smiling because she went so many years with yeah. It’S kind of a Grimmett like a forced smile right because she’s not used to it so that goes away over tonight goes absolutely yes, as well as speech issues and okay. So take me through the process is a recap here: patient comes in.

How do you decide or how do you give them a picture of what their smiles going to look like you have? Do you have like a smile catalog, you show them pictures digital imaging. What do you do? We do a number of those things we go ahead and we can provide them. So I’m the patient, I’m there on day, one right.

You come in day, one. We do our Diagnostics, we take our photos, we took our x-rays, etc, and then we have them come in and we say look, these are some of the things where we can guide you to. This is some of the work that we’ve done previously on cases that are similar to yours. Okay, this is what you may look like. We can take a digital photo here, and this is what you know in general.

This is what you’re going, so you show them. Other patients that have similar smile – yes problems. Yes, I mean. Could you usually find that by the way, oh hun drudes of cases that we’ve done? Yes all right?

Okay, so they see it and then what happens they see it and they say that’s the one. I want to look like delhi right so okay, so you want this type of the exact that looks so natural she’s about my age. That’S about 40 ish! That’S what I’m going to look like. Yes, then we go ad.

We talk about having a test drive where they’re in control of how they look that until they’re one hundred percent happy or so they try out teeth for a test, drive touch scribe. Okay, yes, so what we do is we have them come in. We go ahead and place them in temporary, so they can go ahead and sort of get used to that feel. Get used to that look. Have them come back in put the permanence on with a test drive, making sure that they’re happy they go out into the world.

They come back and to see us and we make any adjustments necessary. Okay, great! So now final message: I mean to somebody they’re out there and what you say that there’s thousands of people in two thousand – yes, tens of thousands, and so they hate their smile, hey Thor smile afraid of the dentist. Don’T want to be there it’s the last thing. I want to do help me, though I want to look better.

I want to look more youthful. I want to help my parents, nice house is making me come in okay, you know how sometimes people are afraid of the surgeon, like all they think is surgery. Well, if you’re, you know, we say Pittsburgh’s cosmetic, dentist, you’re, the go-to guy. Do you think that’s also intimidating that all he’s going to be thinking his veneers or all he’s going to be thinking is their mental mouth. Well, there are many different approaches and we try and keep many options available to our patients.

They guide the process they’re the ones that are going to make the decision. We provide them with options. Here’S one: here’s 2, verse. 3. You help think of what you want to do and we’ll get you there.

Do you find that when you fix people’s mouths their their smiles, that now of a sudden they start coming in and they almost have like a bug for dentistry, where they’re coming in every six months for cleaning they in love going to the dentist they love? They do this, you ever hear that thing. I love coming here that I love coming over. Are you kidding me? I love coming.

It’S easy, it’s fine, your staffs fun! You make me feel welcome, and they have nothing that needs done because it’s been done and they maintain it. It’S just like a car maintenance is cheap treatment is expensive and they now under maintenance phase of everything you do. I mean what what what do you like? Most about what you do, I love going to the grocery store, seeing a patient having him come up and give me a hug and a thank you.

I love seeing the patient at the ball field, who says, and they did they do that – that I do that at a point and a scene that at ease and seeing how maybe they were a little shy or a little inhibited and now they’re the life of The party was always there, we just helped bring it out a little bit well good for you. Thank you for coming on. The show yes left great stuff and and the before-and-afters are on your website. Yes, there is that right, and so when you want a natural-looking smile, come see, us consults are free by the way consults are free, they could go in. You give an the boogeyman idea, give him some options.

Consultations available always available, okay, good thanks again, I’ve been watching the Wellness hour and leader in medical news and information, Randy Alvarez. If you would like to see this interview again, you can go to our website and put in Pittsburgh cosmetic dentistry. You could put in dr Barr to z, ack, which is probably tough too tough to spell right, but you can put cosmetic dentist. Pennsylvania will put those tags, so they could find you easy there for now. First, I wish you could help





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