Can A Cavity Heal On Its Own?


Can A Cavity Heal On Its Own?

Hi I’m Dr. Mark Burhenne, Welcome to my weekly Q & A This. Is your chance to ask me a question about your teeth about your oral health. Today’s question is: Can a cavity go away or heal on its own. The answer is yes.

However, it has to be a small cavity, and you have to take charge and take control of this equilibrium that the tooth is undergoing in your mouth and, that is … its always demineralizing and its always re-mineralizing.

So, of course, if it’s demineralizing more often than re-mineralizing you’re headed towards a cavity So you need to make it re-mineralize more often constantly more frequently, rather than the demineralization phase, And then you’ve reversed your cavity. You have fixed it And again this happens every day.

Every meal, even at night, You need to bolster the re-mineralization phase of this equilibrium. How do you do that? You do that with a Paleo diet,

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Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed?

Well may you ask, “can tooth decay be reversed?” as we have actually all been so mesmerized by consistent, clever oral health advertizing, the majority of us don’t have an idea as to the underlying causes of tooth decay. Yeah, sugar usage is a prime offender, but not for the reasons that have largely been accepted as factual!

Sugar is only one negative element of nutrition, which lies at the heart of tooth decay. The majority of us have been led to believe that sugar promotes bacterial growth in the mouth. This flies in the face of the well documented truth that sugar acts as a food preservative due to its antimicrobial residential or commercial properties.

No, when sugar is fine-tuned all of the essential nutrients such as minerals like magnesium and chromium and B vitamins are stripped out. Thus, when consumed it fulfills our bodies’ energy requirements without providing essential nutrients.

This unnatural and significant alteration of the body’s internal chemistry by refined sugar consumption, not the promotion of bacterial development, is how sugar adds to cavities.

The very same can be said about the refining of grain into white flour. This is likewise true with a huge percentage of products offered in grocery stores that have high fructose corn syrup as sweeteners or stabilizers.

As a matter of fact, if you want to treat tooth decay, I’d swear off all fine-tuned food items. They are one of the prime causes of tooth decay.

Researchers have understood for quite a long period of time that vitamins A and D are important for the formation and maintenance of strong bones. They play a major function in healthy, cavity totally free teeth. But it is only just recently that researchers have actually discovered that all the vitamin A and D worldwide will not aid in this regard without an important activator.

Until just a while ago vitamins K1 and K2 were very inadequately comprehended. It was believed that, as K1 was 10 times as widespread in many diets, that K2 was just another form of the same vitamin. It was assumed that the role of K2 was the same as that of K1, particularly blood clotting, or it was otherwise insignificant.

As it turns out vitamin K2 is a necessary activator that is definitely required for vitamins A and D to aid in the carrying and placement of calcium to build bones. Together with this discovery, a test of levels of K2 in people, was developed.

The results of testing individuals for levels of this essential activator were startling. The screening showed practically universal deficiencies! This is not unexpected in light of how K2 is formed. It is synthesized from K1 in animals, like cows in butter or by microorganisms in lacto-fermentation procedures.

The problem nowadays is that cows, as they remained in past times, are by and large no longer gotten to pasture. Instead of getting the very important yards with the K1 to convert to K2 they are fed corn, soy and other inexpensive, typically genetically customized items.

It is no surprise dental practitioners are having a field day! Back to our preliminary question, can tooth decay be reversed? In light of the causes of tooth decay, one of which is clearly vitamin K2 deficiency, it is not surprising that we can treat tooth decay ourselves.

The problem of tooth decay is endemic in civilized cultures. It has never ever been prevalent in primitive cultures up until they have actually been available in contact with civilization. Plain and simple, it is the outcome of bad nutrition that is inherent in the commercialization of the food industry.

The cure for tooth decay depends on ensuring the intake and assimilation of the necessary nutrients like vitamins A, D and K2.

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