Dental Assisting – How to Take Alginate Impressions

Dental Assisting – How to Take Alginate Impressions

Hello, we’re going to talk about taking an ideal alginate impression. Okay, first, you place Vaseline on the patient’s mouth open bone open there. We go get it on the corners here, and then you want to Vaseline your cheek protractor.

You want to place your cheek retractor in is that comfortable for you know you want to fit your size tray, and it fits everywhere, and then you want to fit your lower that okay well lift your tongue up, good, all right now, you’re going to spray! The back of the throat to help any gag reflex stay open right.

There, now you’re going to spray your trays with a separator spray, and you’re going to fill these with water. Each vial is for one arch, and we always put a flavoring in there, and we use three level scoops.

You want to get it all mixed up, and then you’re going to bring your mixer up you’re going to put your tip down in the mix and turn it and push down. I always take the upper first, and I take the pallet off now. Take a deep breath and hold it now: I’m going to place them on the occlusal surfaces, now take a deep breath and hold it.

It’s very important that you wipe it on the occlusal surfaces, or you’ll get air bubbles on the surfaces of the teeth. It’s also very important that you put the retractors in, some people can just pull the lip out.

You don’t want to just put the impression in the patient’s mouth without retracting the lips, or you won’t capture the vestibule, so the best is to use these double retractors and that gets the lips out of the way.

So, you can capture the vestibule okay, so we leave this, for you, usually set a timer three minutes or as soon as the material is set okay, so we’ve set a timer back here for three minutes and just have the patient breathe through their nose, and this Is a trick you might try that a psychologist patient of ours told us if you do your finger your thumbs like this and hold it on both ends. That’s supposed to help with the gag reflex.

The main thing is breathed through your nose. Don’t breathe through the mouth and if somebody has a gag issue, tip them up in the chair. If three minutes is up – and you take it out with your finger in the back of the tray and push down on the back of the tray okay, you can see that captured the vestibule.

We don’t have any air bubbles on the teeth. That’s going to be a beautiful model, just remember if you send a crummy looking model to your dental laboratory or to any other professional person, you’re working with they’re going to judge you on those models.

So, you want the model to be number one accurate, but number two well trimmed and on a base, those types of things. So, that’s a very accurate upper impression.

Now, let’s take the lower, so once you take a lower, take an algebra impression: if you’re not going to pour it immediately wet a paper towel and just put this around it to keep it in 100 humidities until you pour it, yeah put it in a Ziploc bag – and you want to pour this within probably an hour or two – you don’t want to let it sit around for a day because if it dries out, it’s going to distort okay, should we do the bottom we’re going to put this on the occlusal surfaces? You push that hard into the occlusal surfaces, so you don’t get any air bubbles open now lift your tongue up both seeing this retractor gets the lip out of the way. So, you capture the vestibule, be sure the tray does not lift up.

If you put the tray in place, and it lifts up, you’re not going to get a good impression you’re going to its going to be distorted, and you’re going to have a lot of air underneath it. So, once you push it to place, be sure you hold it at that terminal position, don’t let it lift up. We’ve got a timer set over here for three minutes.

You’ll tell the patient, as we were talking with the upper impression, tell them to breathe through their nose sit them up. Normally, people don’t gag with a lower impression like they do with an upper.

So, we all we normally take the upper first then spraying the pallet. With this hurricane topical spray, do you all find that’s a big and under the tongue, yeah and under the tongue? Okay and then section it out, don’t just leave it in there because it doesn’t taste so good, even though it feels like it’s hard go ahead and let it sit yeah, don’t judge, don’t just wing it with the time, and it’s not going to move.

But just let it set for the full three minutes. Remember if you can’t take a good impression and pour a good model, you can mess up a whole morning’s work because that’s all the laboratory technician has, if you don’t measure the powder in the stone that you’re pouring your model with, that, can cause the stone to shrink or contract a certain amount, so the manufacturer has a specific amount of water and stone to mix together to get just the right shrinkage, contraction and expansion so that it’s an accurate model so go by the directions.

We’ll show you how to do that in another video here in a minute. You don’t just want to slop water and powder into a bowl and mix it up. It’S very important! You have a mechanical mixer, so you can get the air out of the stone. As you mix it, if you’ve got a bunch of voids in the stone, that’s not good!

Okay! So, when you takes this out she’s going to put her tray with your tongue, and she’s going way back to the back of the tray popping it loose. Okay, see: we’ve got a great vestibule, no voids in the occlusal surface of the teeth. That’s a fabulous impression. You have a big piece hanging off the back end of the model, be sure you cut that off, see like these cut that part off.

So, when you set it down, it doesn’t lift it lift the impression material off the tray out of the tray, so wrap this with a wet paper towel until you’re ready to pour it, and you really want to pour it within probably 30 minutes or an Hour, water temperature can affect the models, so that’s how to take excellent alternate depression.

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