Direct Temporary Veneer – Dental Minute with Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS

Direct Temporary Veneer – Dental Minute with Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS

Hello: let’s talk about a provisional restoration for a single veneer preparation. This is the preparation, and this is the provisional veneer. It’s different for a single veneer preparation than it is for multiple veneer preparations.

If we were preparing multiple teeth for veneers, we would use a polyvinyl, saloxane, matrix and fabricate the provisionals with that polyvinyl slicing matrix. So, the thing that makes this difference is this person that had veneers placed years ago.

You can see some of these are going to have to be replaced because he’s got gingival recession. I think he’s not worn a night guard and the tooth has moved, causing the gingiva to recede on the adjacent teeth.

But this is the one we’re going to address in this video. So, the first thing you do is you wet your glove, and I’m going to place that finger behind the tooth? That’s going to receive the provisional restoration?

That’s so this bisacrylate does not stick to the glove, so I’m using that to block the back side of the provisional. The objective is, I want this bisacrylate to go through the interproximal contacts to mechanically lock the provisional in place, so I’m putting a little pressure on it so that the material goes through the interproximal contacts, and I’m kind of roughing out a provisional on the facial surface And you can see, I keep the finger behind the prepared tooth, but not over the incisal edge of the prepared tooth because I want the bisacrylate to cover the incisal edge.

So initially, I’m just squirting bisacrylate straight from the gun onto the teeth and letting that set a little bit. Then I’m following that with flowable composite and that adheres to the bisacralate, and I’m sculpting this to get a generally good shape, contouring it with the plastic instrument. Getting a generally good shape, then I’m going to cure it.

Then I’m going to come back and sculpt it with some fine, a fine flame, shaped diamond and a show food disc. With the flowable, I’m going to generally contour the shape with this plastic insert, then I’m going to cure it. Then this is a fine flame, shaped diamond just I’ve over bulked, the provisional on the facial, and I’m going to contour that then I’m going to go in and refine the margins just with a light touch.

I’M not touching the tooth, just the bisacrylate and the flowable composite, checking the shape with an occlusal. A large occlusal mirror to be sure the contour is in the correct arch alignment, putting just a light touch a lot of water, it’s easy to contour and then looking at the patient from the facial view and sculpting the incisal edge to make it approximately match.

The incisal edge of the adjacent, lateral incisor just light touch here: sculpting the interproximal areas into the interproximal space, creating a little v-shape interproximally. Remember, I don’t have any adhesive on the tooth. The provisional is held in place totally by mechanical retention from the inter-proximal spaces.

Then I’m going back with a light touch and polishing the facial of the provisional with the shofu disc. You can put a very nice finish on the bisacralate and the global composite with that shofu disc.

Now this is the shofu rubber wheel is very effective for contouring. The palatal because it will cut and shape the acrylate and the flowable composite, but it won’t cut the tooth, so you can put some pressure on here.

You want this to rotate from the provisional to the tooth, so if you want it to rotate this way, and I have my assistant dripping water on the area for lubrication a lot of water and then once I’ve finished contouring, I’m going to take some of the Primer adhesive just a little tiny dab and wipe that, on the facial surface of the provisional, to give it a glaze just the tiniest little bit and cure that check.

The occlusion you’ll want the incisal edge of this tooth to approximately match that one, the adjacent lateral, see how I’ve locked it into the inner proximal area, and you’ve. You’ve had your finger on this side, so it limits how far the interproximal bisacralate will move to the palatal.

It keeps it in that interproximal space and there you have this is. It probably takes five minutes to fabricate that provisional restoration for a single veneer. So, that’s the dental minute, these techniques work, and they work every time.

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