Early Signs of Tooth Decay from Soda

Early Signs of Tooth Decay from Soda

Can we talk about some of these early signs that you’re getting tooth decay for maybe too much soda or other acidic beverages? So let me start by telling you that enamel is the hardest part of your body. It’s stronger to harder than bone. It works as a shell. Eggshell to protect the softer part of the tooth, so when the sugar or the acidic part of the soft drink wears down the enamel, then it’s very easily prone to cavities and what happens?

It causes sensitivity, pain and in results. You stop brushing your teeth because it hurts when you brush your teeth and it just all works in a circle, and it damages really quickly if it’s not caught on early gets to a point where we have to actually remove all your teeth. This impacted your confidence. I don’t smile, I don’t take pictures. I don’t leave my house what about pain, insensitivity bit all the time, I’m constantly in pain, I’m now on a soft food diet.

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Anything else that you do. That may be bad for your oral hygiene. Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you smoke I’m in the process of quitting your smiles, while you’re here today, but the smoking the these are? These are crutches that you’ve used in your life.

Okay, so let’s let’s shift gears here, can we want to shift gears in and see your future cuz? I see you right now, and I see someone who’s hurting inside, but I see a future for you. Will you see this future with me right now? A future where you’re not afraid to smile where your addiction to soda and cigarettes doesn’t govern your life doc Shawn. What?

What can we do for her smile, we’re here to change your life? I want to change your life and if, if we can promise me that you will stop drinking soda, I’m willing to do your whole mouth for you at no charge, and these will be implants they’re, not we’re not talking about dentures or removable teeth. These are going to be permanent teeth, and you will have the Hollywood smile that you’ve always wanted its world to me, because my husband who’s really gonna put us in debt trying to do this. How do you feel Letha that you know you’re looking at what you really want to change your life, to really make you a different person? And so in so many fronts, but it does involve a big step for you and that’s that’s giving up something that has been a huge part of your life for a long time.

How do you feel about that? I know I can do it because I have a good support system at home and these are gonna be two things, because there’s no reason to do this makeover if you’re still drinking as much so did you drink and if you’re still smoking, because good oral Hygiene, it actually doesn’t necessarily start with brushing your teeth. It’s doing things throughout your day that are good for your oral health and those are two of the worst things you can do, but over the next month break these addictions, then they’re, not Sean’s gonna. Do this for you for free, but the key is and this I can’t understate this. You have to legitimately stop, so I’m gonna will give you the resource, but would you be one and in a month to even you know something?

I know the producers talked with you about because they thought you might have some trouble. They said well, if we give you a lie-detector test in a month, would you take it? Because we want you to succeed for you and with your support system at home and the support system we’re gonna provide and then ultimately, the holy grail of all holy grail would deshaun doing the magical work that he can do for you. Are you ready for this? Are you truly ready?

Yes, so your new life starts right now, we’re gonna see you back on the stage in a month, and then it’s full steam ahead as a sound. That’s great, thank you for sharing that Sean. Thank you. So much as well for being here and offering your services you


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