Endodontic Efficiencies – – Dr. William Nudera | Dentsply Sirona

Endodontic Efficiencies – – Dr. William Nudera | Dentsply Sirona

Hi, I’m Dr. William Madera, a board-certified endodontist practicing in Bloomingdale, Illinois. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of traveling the country, the last 10 years, giving technique courses and how to do predictable antibiotic treatment.

A common question that gets asked of me is: how fast can you do your Endodontic treatment? The answer to that question is not how fast I can do my treatment, but how efficiently I think, my treatment, some techniques were taught to me by an endodontist practicing in San Diego California, named Dr.

Eric Carr. That helped me improve my efficiency immensely, and I’d like to share some of those techniques with you today. Some clinicians have multiple hand pieces with multiple Birds associated with them. I find it much easier to have an assistant transfer, the bird for me. It’s easy to do you just call off the bur hand, the hand piece to your assistant, half and put the new bird in and hand it back to you.

It’s a very seamless way to do an Access or find a preparation, or do whatever you need to do without reaching out of the field in order to perform the treatment. Furthermore, it’s very important when transferring hand files back and forth from the doctor to the assistant to not get poked in order to control this.

What we do is we have the assistant where the endo sponge on the end o-ring, and they prepare the file for me and get it ready for me and place it in my fingers. I grab the file, they pull the sponge, and they push the sponge as the file is transferred. When we do this, we ensure that there’s going to be nobody getting hurt with this particular procedure, a gentle push and a gentle pull is controlled solely by the assistant.

As opposed to me that way, I don’t have to take my eyes off the field, and it’s a very efficient way to continue transferring files if your assistant is unfamiliar with what file that you’re needing next just call it off, and we’ll have it ready for you In that next spot in the sponge, in the same fashion that hand files are transferred, rotary files are transferred. I am responsible for loading.

The files onto my hand, piece because that’s what I feel comfortable doing, but a gentle push and a gentle pull from the assistant is all it takes to transfer those files back and forth a push and a pull. That way. We ensure nobody gets poked, and it becomes a very safe and efficient way to transfer files.

A very inexpensive way to increase your efficiency during root canal treatment is to get another mirror for your kit, rather than continually wiping your mirror on the patient, napkin and wasting time have your assistant have a clean, mirror handy all the time when you need the new Mirror ask for the new mirror your assistant can easily take the old mirror, that’s dirty and replace it with the new clean mirror that way, it improves your visualization throughout the entire procedure without the unnecessary movements.

Another way to be more efficient during your Endodontic treatment is to have a couple of pairs of locking cotton forceps. It takes a lot of time for the clinician to fumble, through packages of paper points to grab that paper point than to transfer to the tooth to drive the canals. If you have our assistant load that paper point on the x-ray locking cotton forceps, it can be easily transferred back and forth saving you time and increasing the patient’s time on the chair.

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