Fun Cartoons for Kids – Peppa Pig Goes To The Dentist

Fun Cartoons for Kids – Peppa Pig Goes To The Dentist

Every morning, Peppa and George brush their teeth today, Peppa and George are going to the dentist. Oh pepper, George, are you ready to go for your checkup, I’m too busy for checkup I’m having a tea party with teddy? Yes, we’re very busy. We all need checkups to make sure our teeth are clean and healthy. Okay, daddy George, your teeth clean.

I tried it is George’s. First visit to the dentist: you both have lovely, clean teeth. I’M sure the dentist will be very happy. Peppa and George are at the dentist’s waiting for their checkup, waiting is boring. This magazine is very interesting.

It’s all about potatoes! George. The dentist will see you me. This is doctor elephant, the dentist, hello Peppa. Have you been brushing your teeth?

Yes, good now, who’s. First, I’m first because I’m a big girl, watch me George sits in the chair. Please open wide, please! Let’s take a look. The doctor elephant uses a little mirror to look at peppers teeth.

I hope you haven’t been eating too many sweeties, pepper. It is quite difficult to speak when your mouth is wide open, Oh done what lovely clean teeth she takes after me, yes, but don’t drink it pepper spit it out! George does not want it to be his turn. Maybe you can hold Mr

Dinosaur, while the dentist looks at your teeth, I’m so very pleased to meet you, MR. dinosaur.

It’s not a real dinosaur. It’s made of plastic hold tight, you’re doing very well. George. Now, can you show me your teeth? George does not want to show the dentist his teeth.

George, all done, you have very strong, clean teeth. George lovely is my elephant. Yes, George is very proud to have clean teeth. Wait, what’s this elephant, George has 20, but this young dinosaur teeth are very dirty. Oh, no, Dr.

Elephant is very cross with Mr. dinosaur and not at all pepper. It’s my job to make teeth. Cleaned the water jet, please miss rabbit, uses water to clean. Mr. Dinosaurs teeth the polisher, please, this will be a bit noisy.

Dr. Ellison follow who’s. Mr. dinosaurs teeth. That’s right!

George, Mr. dinosaur, needs some special pink drink. Oh, shiny teeth! You have Mr. Dinosaur Jeeves, Mr Dinosaur, especially now he has nice teeth.


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