How a Colorado dental hygienist opened her own clinic

How a Colorado dental hygienist opened her own clinic

Hi, my name is Jacky bot, and I’m an independent dental hygienist from Flagstaff, Arizona. I moved out here about three years ago to start this practice and so far so great we do take a lot of insurances. I, as an independent dental hygienist.

I can be networked with Delta of Colorado, MetLife, Medicaid and Cigna, so that has been great and insurance companies that we’re out of network with we have. Furthermore, I have a supervising dentist that helps with that, and we do get referrals from word-of-mouth we’ve been doing a little of marketing with Facebook and other communities’ community members.

So I started this clinic because I really have a passion of helping people in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was in private practice for about seven years and then also a Clinical Instructor for about five, and I’m using what I’ve learned over the 16 years that I’ve been in dentistry to start this clinic and help the community members of Colorado. So, under my license, I can only do preventative care. We basically do root planing and scaling and adult cleanings. We see kids, we do sealants, we do fluoride applications, we do whitening, x’ and anything other than that.

That’s out of the scope of my practice. I refer it to either my supervising dentist or a Medicaid provider that accepts patients with their insurance. So I work with the community of dentists, which is great because my whole referral source is the state of Colorado.

I can actually pick and choose what patients really need and what they need to be, what their special needs are or if they’re going to get along with certain practices. Certain dentists and I can refer on those bases as well as any of the specialty, is periodontist orthodontist and Adonis and any specialties.

I can go ahead and refer to them as well, so right in that right now we’re we’re mostly word-of-mouth. We started doing some mailers, and we’ve reached out to the community of different apartment complexes, just to kind of get our name and brand out there.

I started this clinic because I want to help patients that are underserved there’s a lot of times when patients don’t have the means or the insurance to go to a right to regular dental office. This allows patients to at least get their preventative care taken care of, and if they need dental work they can. I can refer them to the right dentist.

I don’t want patients to feel burdened with the cost of preventative care, so we make it affordable for patients to come in and at least get their dental cleanings, fluoride sealants for their kids. If they want to do whitening, we have very affordable fees for that as well. So then they can’t save up if they do need dentistry done or dental work done, and my goal here is to just educate help patients take ownership of their health care, help, help them understand what their oral conditions are and how it affects their whole system. This clinic is for total wellness. You know, I think that it’s its more of mind, body and soul, not just teeth.

We want to just promote and educate total wellness. We see all walks of life from a happy healthy visit at h2 to all the way to the seniors. Furthermore, we want to see pregnant patients. Besides, we want to see diabetic patients. We want to see periodontal patients, anybody that needs to be seen three to four times a year.

We really want to make that affordable. You’re still welcome to see your regular general dentist for those two visits, but if those other two visits that are going to be out of pocket anyway, you might as well come here, and we’ll make it affordable for you just so that you stay on that routine Of taking care of your teeth and keep and staying on a three to four-month maintenance, our profession is growing so much, and I am honored to be in a state that allows dental hygienists to be independent, and I would love other hygienists to grow and to Have aspirations to have their own clinic and I welcome any hygienists that is thinking about starting their own practice or want to be educated on how we do things here to come on in, and I’ll show you how I’ve done it and just really want to Make our profession grow, you


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