How to Know If Your Tooth Pain Is an Emergency


How to Know If Your Tooth Pain Is an Emergency

Hey everyone doctor Sacco here, so I’m spending a lot of time at home, like a lot of you are to my dental office, is actually closed for routine dental care.

But we’re still getting so many calls from people asking about tooth problems and whether or not it’s An emergency, so today we’re gonna talk about some issues.

You might feel, while you’re at home under quarantine and how to decipher whether or not it’s something that needs to be addressed sooner or later.

Now, typically, if you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary, I would recommend calling the dentist to be seen, but of course, this day and age right now that might not be a possibility.

So first we’re gonna talk about urgent care, centers emergency rooms.

Now these places typically are not equipped to be able to handle dental emergencies.

So if you go, you might be wasting their time and their resources and your time as well, and you might end up leaving with nothing done so. The first thing you should do is try to call your own dentist or look one up online.

If you don’t have a dentist and see if you could get some questions answered over the phone, I’m gonna break down tooth problems into three categories: we’re gonna talk about sensitivity, pain and swelling know when sensitivity comes into play, if you feel sensitive across all Of your teeth, let’s say when you have a sip of cold water, or you eat something, a hot, and it’s across multiple teeth.

This might not be an emergency, and this might be something that’s related to clenching or grinding your teeth. We’re gonna get to that.

In a few minutes now, if you feel sensitivity on one tooth, and you’ve never felt it before, this might be an indication that you have a small cavity, that’s forming or one that’s getting bigger.

Call the dentist talk to them and see if this is something that needs to be addressed now, let’s talk about pain, let’s say you bit into something, and you hurt your teeth.

Maybe it’s throbbing for a few hours. Maybe it’s bothering you for a day or two, give it a little bit of time and see if it passes. You might have just bruised your tooth.

If the pain doesn’t go away or let’s say you chipped or broke the tooth or maybe a filling came out, this is a reason to call the dentist. This might be an issue that needs to be addressed sooner than later now, let’s say that you can’t get into the dental office for a couple of days for some reason, and you need something.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to your local drug store. Get some temporary tooth filling material and place that into the tooth? No, this isn’t a permanent solution, and again it’s not something I would typically recommend, but for this situation it might give you some temporary relief until you could go into the dental office.

And now, let’s talk about swelling if you’re experiencing some kind of swelling on the side of your face on the side of your jaw, you’re feeling feverish flu-like symptoms.

This might be an indication of an infection, and this is an emergency call. Your dentist, if you can’t be seen ASAP, go to the emergency room, you might need IV, antibiotics, and you need to get on top of this before it gets worse now on a smaller scale.

If you have a little puffiness and the gums or your gums are swollen – or maybe you have a pimple near one of your teeth on the gums, that might be an indication of a local infection now this might not be as bad as the other situation, but If left untreated, it could get a lot worse.

So, this is another reason you want to call the dentist and find out what’s going on and if you could be seen sooner than later now I’m gonna go back and talk about clenching or grinding that we touched upon earlier now.

Clenching and grinding has a lot of different symptoms. A lot of different signs. Your teeth might be sensitive. You might have some jaw soreness. Maybe you have headaches, maybe neck strain.

Maybe you have something that feels like a toothache, and you’ve gone to the dentist before, and they couldn’t figure it out. This is typically something associated with clenching now clenching.

If this was again a normal time, I would typically recommend going to the dentist, and they would make you some kind of guard, but if that’s just not a possibility right now, the next best thing you could do is try some distressing techniques again, it is A strange time for everyone or daytime or nighttime schedules, all over the place, maybe you’re looking after the kids, and you never had to before you’re stressed out, try to de-stress before bed. If you can give yourself an hour, no electronics, maybe a hot tea.

Maybe a warm bath, try to calm yourself down, get your mind ready for bed and hopefully you’ll have a more restful sleep, and you won’t be clenching or grinding your teeth guys.

This is a very trying time for everybody. Everything’s flipped upside down, try to keep some kind of a routine brush at least twice a day, try to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy and hopefully we’ll get out of this. Sooner than later, take care and I’ll see you soon. You


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