I’ve got root canal treatment but why do I still feel pain?


I’ve got root canal treatment, but why do I still feel pain?

I have pain after nerve treatment If you have a sore lice tooth decay or other problems at the dentist. There must be a lot of people who have received neurological treatment, at least once In general, nerve treatment eliminates nerves, so most of the pain disappears. However, sometimes pain persists even after neurological treatment. Why does the pain continue to appear after neurotherapy Today? Let’s take a look at the pain that can appear even after neurological treatment, Neurological treatment is when the nerve tissue of the tooth is damaged or infected by tooth decay, trauma, etc.

As the inflammation spreads, it causes severe pain At this time. It refers to a treatment that removes the advanced part, so that the tooth is no longer corroded. So why does pain occur after dental nerve treatment? The pain that occurs as the anesthesia is gradually released immediately after nerve treatment is natural Of course, each individual’s oral condition is different and since the condition of the gums, the progression of tooth decay and the condition are all different. The pain after treatment varies from person to person The pain immediately after neurological treatment often disappears naturally over time.

So you do not have to worry too much, However, if the pain appears, even after enough time has passed after the neurological treatment. You should question whether there is a problem with neurotherapy. It is difficult to accurately identify the cause of pain, but let’s find out what is a representative cause? As the root area that was first treated is additionally, inflamed Pain may occur, Even if you have received neurological treatment Inflammation may occur depending on the patient’s oral condition or care Inflammation may occur in the nerve canal of the tooth. The roots of the teeth become inflamed causing pain.

Secondly, the nerves still remain in the teeth that have undergone. Neurotreatment Pain may occur. However, the nerves of the teeth are branched like a tree and go out from place to place. Pain can also occur when a third tooth cracks, Even with neurological treatment. The teeth become weaker over time, Even if the tooth is covered with a material such as a crown after nerve treatment, pain may appear if it is broken or ground over time.

Most of the pain that appears after 6 months is due to recurrence If pain occurs after nerve treatment, it is better to receive another antiseptic treatment and take painkillers, and if necessary, you should receive nerve treatment again. Most importantly, it is most important to maintain healthy teeth for a long time through regular dental care to prevent neurological, treatment.

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