Molar Tooth Decay Removal and Restoration


Molar Tooth Decay Removal and Restoration

These acids trigger the tooth decay. The decay starts on the outer surface of the tooth and advances to deeper layers.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not a suddenly taking place occasion. The organisms responsible for triggering tooth decay are Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus.
These bacteria launch acids which initiates the decay of the teeth. The leading cause of caries is poor oral health. Not brushing typically and improper brushing causes poor oral health. Not washing after meals, extreme intake of starch and sugary diet, smoking cigarettes likewise adds to dental caries.

Signs of Tooth Decay

At first, there are no symptoms of decay till it has actually progressed thoroughly. A white milky area might appear on the tooth which suggests dissolution of the external layer of tooth which is the enamel. The white milky area appears in only couple of cases and not in all.

As the tooth decay progresses, this white milky area turns brown due to additional decay. When the decay has actually progressed in to much deeper layers where nerves are present, it causes discomfort and sensitivity.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

The very best way to prevent cavities is by following a proper oral care routine. This will ensure great oral hygiene which finest keeps cavities at bay.

Simply sticking to the basics of oral hygiene would do such as brushing your teeth 2 times a day. Flossing your teeth at least when every alternate day.
When the patient is at danger of developing dental caries, the dental practitioner can take particular steps to protect the client such as:

– Topical Fluoride: Applying Fluoride in the form of Stannous Fluoride on the tooth surface which prevents caries. This happens due to the fortifying of the enamel by formation of fluoropatite.

– Fissure Sealants (Dental Sealants): These are applied on chewing surface areas of the molars (which are at high risk of developing caries). This prevents Plaque development. This is especially carried out in children

Treatment of Tooth Decay

It is vital to identify whether specific practices are triggering oral decay. These can be examined to prevent future occurrences of tooth decay.

Fillings: The tooth structure which has actually rotted can not be recuperated and need to be changed by a restorative material. This treatment is called Filling or remediation. The decayed part of the tooth is eliminated and filled by an appropriate restorative product such as amalgam or composite.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT): If dental caries has advanced to the nerves, an RCT is suggested. The entire pulp is removed and filled with inert product and sealed. A cap is also used.

Heal Dental Caries Naturally

Oral health, remineralization toothpastes and alkaline nutrition can conserve your teeth. The following 10 steps may not only conserve one’s gums and teeth, however also one’s life. Why? Due to the fact that numerous underlying causes of disease are impacted.

1) Save your teeth with raw greens: There might be other options besides the “Factor X” butter oil to help preserve healthy teeth and heal oral problems. My theory is that if “Factor X” comes only from those cows fortunate enough to be grazing in green turfs all day long, then why not just add more greens to one’s diet? It has been assumed by raw foodists for a long period of time that raw greens (high in vitamin Chlorophyll, magnesium and k) such as lettuce and wheat yard juice can rebuild broken teeth. There are likewise a lot of chlorophyll potions and supplements available in every natural food shop that might be of some advantage to tooth enamel.

2) Live mainly on a raw food, alkaline diet: Live mainly on a raw organic diet of fresh alkaline forming greens, fruits and vegetables high in chlorophyll (spring greens, lettuce, wheat grass juice, kale, collards, etc.) in the diet. It would make a great deal of sense to discover all one can about how to recognize and get rid of most acid-forming food from one’s diet and find out how to live on a more alkaline-forming diet. One does not need to get rid of all acidic food from one’s diet plan, as some are vital in percentages. One needs to however be able to identify which are which so one can constantly benefit primarily from an alkaline forming diet which profoundly impacts every aspect of the body, not simply bones, teeth, saliva, and gums.

3) Supplement with additional calcium, minerals, A, D, E, K, antioxidants, etc: Supplementing the diet plan with coral calcium, one teaspoon of dolomite per 1.5 liters of ionized water (also contribute to juice, and make sure to have at least four grams calcium, two grams magnesium daily which is offered by 6 grams dolomite), granular or liquid lecithin(contains phosphorous in the form of phospholipids), raw greens (high in magnesium and vitamin K), kelp, a complete mineral supplement, and vitamin antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, bioflavonoids, vitamin D, E, the herb turmeric, circulation improving herbs such as cayenne and ginger, and particularly big quantities of CQ10 and green tea will help maintain healthy teeth and protect the gums. Large amounts (more than 300 mg. a day) of the CQ10 may even assist reverse gum loss. Gum illness can increase the existence of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the blood which is understood to increase blood clot, cardiac arrest and strokes. So for one’s health, well being and longevity, one requires to have as little to do with gum illness as possible.

4) Avoid sodas, sodas, beer and other acidic drinks: Of course avoid all beverages such as sodas, sodas, beer, coffee, alcoholic/sugary drinks, and “foods” such as sugary foods, dried fruit, improved carbs, cakes, cookies, and all other such nutritional disasters extensively and regretfully incorrect for nourishment or food. If one has to have something, it would be far better to delight in a revitalizing non-sweetened herbal tea such as green tea. Avoid the modern-day American diet (MAD) as much as possible! The typical American routine of eating chips, hamburgers, and pizzas, while drinking beer, sodas and pasteurized milk is spiritually, ethically and physically disastrous.

Rather please follow the nutritional standards discussed on this page and other short articles on sound nutrition. Please likewise understand that even the most healthy food and substances such as citrus fruit, lemons, lemon juice, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, acidophilus (essential for healthy digestion), vit. C crystals, and kombucha (recommended on other parts of my website) consist of concentrated acidic substances that can eliminate tooth enamel if too much is consumed, too often. Never ever have treats containing these compounds, and never snack anyway, period. Have the kombucha, sauerkraut, etc. only as a small, but crucial part of a main meal for taste and much better health, which should just be of benefit when part of a complete meal.

5) Use toothpastes containing only simple, healthy ingredients: After every meal, brush and soak teeth in a toothpaste containing CQ10, grapefruit seed extract, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), green tea, and calcium powder. Fluoride only temporarily hardens enamel yet makes it even more susceptible to tooth decay later on and can be very toxic/fatal in large doses. Carefully brushing teeth, gums (and maybe tongue as well) after every meal is extremely important because brushing is essential for oral hygiene, brushing helps keep breath fresh, brushing prevents the build-up of unsightly stains, brushing helps to keep saliva more alkaline, and brushing removes particles of food that would otherwise quickly leave damaging acidic residue on teeth.

6) Remineralize your teeth with “NovaMin” (calcium sodium phosphosilicate): Thank God for calcium phosphate remineralization – For those who are seriously interested in rebuilding damaged and/or painful tooth surfaces there is a product called “Dr. Collins Restore Remineralizing Toothpaste” (contains NO fluoride) helps to rebuild tooth enamel by an ionic release of minerals essential for healthy teeth such as calcium, sodium, silica and phosphorous. After brushing, NovaMin particles adhere to the tooth surface and continues to release ions for hours afterward. This process ensures and enhances the natural self-repair of your tooth surface.

7) Take a nap to brush your teeth: Lying down on one’s back while brushing after every meal allows one to invest a lot more time and causes one to be a lot more extensive. While brushing constantly brush away from the gums (never ever towards them!) and also try “vibrating” the toothbrush while straight pointing it at the teeth (specifically tops of molars) to loosen up the tartar that often develops on teeth and to go deeper into the fractures in between molars. After brushing (hopefully for numerous minutes) get rid of the tooth brush (which should constantly be soft, great bristled, and as new as possible) and if you have some extra time, allow the remineralizing product to take in the mouth for 15 to 30 minutes. Brush after every meal and not just that, brush completely to get rid of all acidic forming residue, tartar and awful looking spots.

5) Drink alkalizing water (” mineral milk”) instead of snacking: In addition to carefully brushing with the above remineralizing tooth paste( s), drinking a mix of one teaspoon of dolomite for each 1.5 liters of alkaline (negatively ionized) water between every meal instead of snacking must likewise be an excellent aid because its high pH (power of hydrogen) balance of alkaline minerals and adversely ionized water momentarily neutralizes the acidic residues and byproducts from acidic foods and acid producing bacteria on teeth which are the main cause of cavities.

The habit of snacking between meals is the even worse thing for teeth, specifically when it is the normal sugary unhealthy food and phosphoric/citric/carbonic acid sodas so often consumed. However if one “snacked” instead on alkaline water and minerals in between meals, one’s saliva is bound to end up being more alkaline. Likewise one may not tend to feel as hungry because of the neutralizing effect alkaline minerals and ionized water has on cravings.

The continuing existence of teeth in the mouth depends largely on the chemical composition and pH of one’s saliva, which if too low (acidic) allows much more tooth decay to occur. Alkaline saliva helps to protect the tooth enamel from acidic residues and is always essential to have if one is serious about keeping one’s teeth for life!

9) Make sure protein intake is high: Ramiel Nagel makes it really clear that the best results happen with high complete (usually of animal origin) protein diet, specifically after utilizing protein from raw food animal sources. Vegetarians should a minimum of consume more vegetables, sesame seed, sunflower and pumpkin seed, raw eggs and more protein powder. This info may sound inconsistent to having an alkaline diet, however not all protein is acid forming, some protein is required to control acid/alkaline balance and is essential in the rebuilding of any injury including harmed teeth.

10) A serious and permanent commitment is essential: Natural dental health and the successful healing of and prevention of dental caries requires a life-long commitment. Teeth need months under the right conditions to regenerate and these conditions sometimes can be tricky to maintain even with the information I am presenting here. One must also commit to this program in its entirety without ever skipping any of it.

” Can Nutrition Really Heal Serious Dental Caries?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions:

If I currently have some major dental caries, can they recover and completely recover? As long as one stays on the modern-day American diet (MAD) the response is a guaranteed NO. When the external tooth enamel has actually been lost the infection has more than likely already spread out deep within the tooth. It would generally be too late to avoid the drill, root canals, etc. required to stop the condition from getting far worse.

Nevertheless, a permanent and total commitment to an alkaline forming diet plan high in phosphorous, vitamin A, D, E, K, raw proteins, calcium, magnesium and other alkaline minerals, yard fed butter, Norwegian cod liver oil, lecithin, necessary fatty acids, raw greens, circulation improving herbs, brushing with enamel building tooth paste, non-snacking, etc. may make it possible for even the worse decay to come to a stop and really recover. The tooth won’t grow back however it is possible for it to heal and form a thin transparent guard inside the location of the cavity. There are on certain sites, more info and proof, videos by Ramiel Nagel and some real photos taken by Dr. Weston Price of how a cavity stopped becoming worse and in fact recovered after many months on a comparable program as my own (except for the organ meats).

There are many organic animal products such as organic raw milk and organic raw grass fed butter, raw eggs, raw organ meats, fermented raw fish, bone broth, and raw bone marrow products that Ramiel Nagel says are essential. I do not believe the organ meats, raw fish and bone marrow, are necessary as long as one takes plenty of complete protein from other sources such as raw eggs (or even small fish such as sardines), avoids snacking, drinks plenty of “mineral milk” (dolomite) between meals, takes coral calcium, takes some form of liquid or granular lecithin, takes plenty of vitamins A & D and mineral supplements, drinks grass fed, organic raw milk, uses only grass fed raw butter, takes cod liver oil, flax seed oil, uses mineral-building toothpastes after every meal, avoids pastry and flour products, and stays on an alkaline forming diet, etc. I don’t think it is necessary in addition to all of the above to also eat raw organ meats, bone marrow, muscles, and/or fermented fish heads!

As long as one follows all the guidelines on this page and other diet sections of this website I see no reason to floss. After over 50 years of not flossing my teeth I have never had any serious problems between my gums and teeth– except when I did try to floss them for a few weeks! I never received any benefit from flossing whatsoever– only cut or sore gums and the shoving of rotten food residue even further down between the gums and teeth so that my gums would flare up severely the next day.

This info sounds too excellent to be real, can one really completely do without a dental expert? Why should people who did just fine for almost 3 million years unexpectedly start requiring dental experts? Something’s incorrect somewhere! One must first carefully follow and study through with all the information on this page and on other articles I have written, and please read the book, “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel.

I believe it might be a great idea to continue checking in with your dental expert from time to time to see if the dietary and other changes actually are healing your gums and teeth. One’s approach, of course, must be embellished. One must decide whether a vegetarian or meat based diet will be consumed and/or to what extent if any continuing dental care and type of oral care is to be used. The vegetarian approach requires more supplements and better absorption than the meat approach. I am attempting the heavy supplemented vegetarian technique but with a lot of Norwegian cod liver oil, periodic little fish such as sardines and salmon, chicken, raw eggs, etc

. After nine months on a heavily supplemented (primarily vegetarian) routine utilizing a minimum of 6500 IU vitamin D and 6 grams of dolomite daily, and even with no butter oil(!), I am still getting amazing outcomes even much better than anticipated: not just has decay stopped, regular tooth color (white enamel!) is returning in areas where there was at one time only decay.

From around 2002 to 2008 I was typically concerned about my teeth and how I was going to afford a dental professional, confront the dreadful treatment, and so on. Now I am not worried at all and am genuinely grateful to Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price for showing me that teeth can actually regrow! Whoever said teeth can not heal themselves know nothing of the fantastic healing powers of appropriate eating, dietary supplements, and of the body!

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