if you've done any research into electric toothbrushes you'll quite quickly discover that there are two leading brands there's bronze oral-b and philips sonicare these two brands generally speaking are the market leaders there are of course many other brands that you can consider but one of the big questions then comes as a result of this is which is better is it or will be is it sony cap the short answer is there is no one brand better than the other one brand may suit someone better than the other it all depends on your personal circumstances your needs wants and desires and in this video and in the written article that accompanies this video we aim to give a bit more information on what those differences are and which one might suit you we can't simply say which is best but we can give our gut feeling on which one is better suited under a number of different circumstances so I'm going to run through twelve key areas and give my opinion on why one particular brand is better than the other in that particular area but it's not always that simple so I do encourage you to read the written article that accompanies this video that goes into a little bit more detail into each point and why I've chosen the brand I have so this is more of a summary overview video for you and if you want more detail do check out that written article so which has the best brushing technology will I give this to all B now both sort of use of sonic technology but all be used something called an oscillating rotating technology whereby the bristles of the brush move side-to-side in a sort of circular motion but then they do have a pulsation technology which gives a third dimension to the clean and is what all be referred to as a 3d thing whereby the bristles are moving from side to side in circular motion as well as a back and forth motion to give a pulsation that agitates liquids around the tooth and gum line and reaches deeper than the brisk of the brush might to give that third dimension and for that reason it goes a little bit deeper than Sonicare in my opinion in terms of the cleaning technology some studies have suggested that oral-b do have the better clean as well overall so all the win on which has the best brushing technology which has the best design well I'm going to give that to sonic hair I've got a diamond clean brush here and it's actually in a pink color and the reason I picked solid hair over oral-b is despite all we'll be having some different colored brushes and some perhaps more vivid color options than Sonicare I feel the overall design of the brushes is a little bit more thought through with Sonicare they look and feel a little bit more premium at time so here we got pink body with a sort of silver bezel and we've got a white brush head but we often get color match brush heads and that doesn't happen quite the same on oral-b so we've got a black handle brush here but you can only ever get a white brush head to go with it which to me just break the design a little bit I just feel that solid hair think things through it just looks and feels a little bit more refined in my opinion so which offers the most features well that has to go to oral-b here we have the genius 9000 which has six different cleaning modes pressure sensor timer it has bluetooth technology built in there's loads going for it and generally speaking you get a lot more for your money with an oral-b brush than you do a Sonicare and it feels like albeit pushing the boundaries more than Sonicare are and the timer recording there's only one sonic ab brush with bluetooth technology where there's about six oral-b ones and that to me feels like all they're pushing into the future a little bit more who does it better well it's personal opinion but I think all be of pushing forward in this sort of space which is the quietest without a shadow of doubt Philips Sonicare or will be all out there's no question about it their motors are much noisier there's a more mechanical sound whereas fit sonic can you get a quite a loud vibration from the motor but when you put the two side-by-side you can really tell the difference and I'll just give you a very quick overview now so here's the oral-b and here's the Sonicare now it might be quite hard to tell the difference between those two in front of the microphone here but it's certainly the oral-b is the loudest and Sonicare at the quietest and if you're cleaning your teeth in the middle of the night you could get away with leaving the door open and not disturbing other people with the Sonicare whereas you would with the oral-b which offers the most accessories oral-b now it can vary from different brushes and box contents on different models but generally speaking you need a lot more width or will be be that the number of brush heads the inclusion of a travel case a place to store the brush heads other accessories such as a wireless smart guide or phone holders for the Bluetooth connectivity or will be certainly win that hands down in terms of the general overall box contents whether those items are necessary or useful to you will depend on the price and your particular circumstances but without a doubt or will be offered more in the box which is most innovative well I generally think they're all BR because they added bluetooth to their brushes soon app now with six models with bluetooth compared to Sonicare single one I think they try to push the boundaries a bit with other inbox accessories such as wireless smart guides and other modules such as a holder for your phone I think they just feel like they're pushing the boundaries and stretching the capabilities of what a toothbrush can do and involving it a little bit it could be a bit more current than a lot of other brands out there most commonly sunny carry in comparison Sonique air just seemed to follow and refine what all will be have done in some respects but are a little bit more conservative in what they do which is the best quality sonic air from most angles it feels a better quality it's more premium in the hand it just feels well built and Philips have a good brand and that's not to say the Orbeez are cheap or rubbish by any means no they're very good and more than acceptable and work very well on the most part but if I look at all the brushes I've handled and all the feedback that we get here at electricity the consensus is that all be are a little less reliable because they sell more than Sonicare but generally speaking they don't stand the test of time quite as well or be brushes in comparison to Sonicare who just seem to kind of go on and you hear a lot less complaints generally speaking which is the cheapest or will be you definitely get better value from oral-b brushes cheap isn't always the answer when it comes to buying electric toothbrush but you can certainly pick up a very good electric toothbrush for 30 40 pounds whereas most sonic hair brushes start at least 40 pounds and you have to pay a lot more to get the equivalent you also see more offers and discounts particularly around Christmastime and seasonal gifting areas with oral-b than you do with sonic hair so oral-b win it for surprise and being a cheaper brush generally speaking if you're looking at from a family perspective all be wind there as well for a number of reasons they generally have more in the box which suits more users so be that multiple brush head and often a lot of their brushes have multiple cleaning modes which works better for different users or doesn't work quite so well as the battery life Sonicare have a better battery life so that's not so good for families but what also oral-b do is they do do a few models where you can buy a model that has to brush handles in it so you have to brush handles so sort of one for mum and dad or one for the parents one for the kids and that means that the overall value of the box is increased although you have to spend a little bit more it's not as expensive as buying two or three brushes to suit the family you can buy one box has a couple of brush handles and multiple heads in it and get a little bit better value from it there and then if you throw in the accessories that come in the box as well generally speaking or will be is going to be the better value option which is best for travellers I've got to hand this to sonic hair there's only one thing that really stands out for me when it comes to travellers here and that battery life if you're traveling you don't want to be lugging around lots of batteries or chargers to go with it and most sonic hair brushes last two if not three weeks so this better in my opinion for travellers all be due generally provide more brushes with travel cases included in the box which often is better for travelers but when you go out to the diamond clean series with Sonicare you get a premium travel case which actually allows you to charge the brush in the case from a USB port on a computer or a mains charger oral-b have offered that on the latest genius 9000 series but you can't charge it from a USB port you still need a proprietary charger which means you're going to take that with you so solitaire in my opinion win that for the traveller aspect which has the best warranty well although we gave Sonicare the title kind of for the best quality it's all bee who have the best warranty you get a two-year warranty as standard included with both brands but what all be do is they generally offer an extension to three years if you register the brush online which gives you an extra years peace of mind and offers pretty good value if you think about it and I think that's pretty impressive nowadays to get three years warranty now we expect our toothbrushes to last but as I said all the answers reliable so to have that added peace of mind for next year's warranty I think that's really good so all be winner there for the best warranty so that's a few of the main topics and areas covered as I said that's just an overview and personal opinion there's more explanation on why we've chosen each one for those categories over electric teeth Kelly Kay but I hope you found this helpful and until next time thanks for watching

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