Orthodontist Reacts! What Does Coke REALLY Do To Your Teeth?

Orthodontist Reacts! What Does Coke REALLY Do To Your Teeth?

What’s up everybody, I’m the benches, and we’re back with another YouTube video? Now you guys seem to like my reactions, so this video kept getting me tagged in it all the time about this guy, the king of random.

He put these five different teeth in different types of liquids and saw if they dissolved or not, and you know what I talk about different drinks all the time and how they can harm your teeth in different ways, specifically sodas and one of the different liquids that He uses is coca-cola, so we’re going to see. Does coke really harm your teeth? Do these other liquids harm your teeth, etc, etc.

Before we get started, make sure to like the video and follow, or else you’re gonna have crooked teeth for life? Now, let’s get into it, in today’s video we’re gonna test out what happens if you leave human teeth in a few drinks for over a week?

Okay, so before we even get started, what would potentially happen? Let’s take our guesses if you leave five different teeth in five different liquids over a week. What do you think’s gonna happen?

You think the tooth’s just gonna completely dissolve you think it’s gonna get hurt, I’m guessing that a lot of these things are gonna dissolve some of these teeth. I don’t know if they’re gonna dissolve it fully, but let’s find out right.

Doctors and we’ve got an experiment that involves teeth. Here’s the basic idea: we have five different beverages and liquids, and we’re going to have different beverages for a week. I think a lot of us have heard ideas about coke and some other drinks being really bad for your teeth.

It’s true there’s a few reasons why there’s the sugar and then there’s also the carbon dioxide which affects the teeth and that’s where I’m going to stop it right here, so carbon dioxide affects the teeth now.

This is a really important point that I bring apart. A lot of people think that it’s just the sugar and sugary beverages that cause the big issue and actually that carbonic acid, that carbon dioxide, the bubbles that you all like actually has some effect on the teeth.

As well, and it can demineralize the enamel and cause a big issue, so that’s what makes soda so bad because they have the sugar and the carbon dioxide, putting the teeth in each of those five different liquids and letting them sit for a week.

What do you think, I think we’re going to get some dissolved, we’re going to get some dissolved teeth too?

Oh boy, all right! Well, we’ll get, I’m gonna see what different liquids we’re using and if you want to grab some teeth, we can take a look at those and then start soaking.

Okay, so these teeth were all extracted because there was some problem with them. They had to be removed, but they’re still the same composition as a regular tooth. If you were to drink soda, we’re gonna have the same effect on it.

Correct okay, so that’s gonna be really interesting, so these are the teeth that we’re actually going to be putting in all the different liquids that we’ve brought today, we brought the coca-cola. A tooth is really interesting: it is a living entity, okay because it is hooked up to a blood supply and a nerve supply in your mouth.

But if you take it out really, they’ll stay for a really long time. That’s why we find mummified teeth. We can actually find the teeth from people that have passed away, and we can actually tell who the person is based off their teeth.

It’s called a know the detective unit. Does it all the time in different? You know unforeseen circumstances, obviously bad things that normally don’t happen, but we can’t figure out who that person is that had potentially passed away from just their teeth. It’s pretty crazy. Okay, so we brought them right: lemon juice, lemon juice, super, very high.

In citric acid content yeah I have carbonated water, just nothing else: water, water, milk and iced coffee. I think the one is coffee, so this is going to be interesting. So one of the things that I also forgot to mention coca-cola – you know with the carbonic acid, they also have citric acid.

The very citric acid is very common in all these different drinks, and it’s one of the most harmful things to your teeth. So, it’s going to be interesting, just seeing the carbonated water, does the carbonation by itself cause an issue.

I don’t know, it’s going to be really interesting to find out. So, I’m thinking that the lime juice is probably going to be the worst of the batch because citric acid is just straight.

I don’t know acid, but let’s find out probably stay intact, okay, but I think the ones with the more acid to them. I think it will actually turn the teeth almost into a kind of jelly and one thing about teeth: composition, yeah because you basically have um proteins uh in your teeth: okay and the outside, which the enamel doesn’t have many proteins. It has, I think, five percent.

If that and um yeah exactly, you’ll still have plenty of proteins on the dentin, but I think most of the enamel will be gone. You might have something very soft and squishy on the outside, but for the most part, the enamel will be gone.

So, that’s a great point now. One thing that he brought up is milk. He thinks the milk is gonna, be very good, and I agree with them.

Milk doesn’t really, it’s not really that acidic, and we actually can use it sometimes as a liquid to place your teeth. If your tooth gets knocked out, you can put it in some milk, and you can take it to your dentist, and it’ll help.

Save your tooth and what will be left was the proteins of dentin, so yeah, interesting, okay, so I’m thinking, maybe the coffee one’s gonna stain it really bad. That’s what people always say you drink too much coffee, it’s gonna stain your teeth. Is that gonna be possible?

Are they just gonna dissolve? I think they might somewhat dissolve because of the acidity of it. So actually, thinking about it now, you know the coffee.

We think about staining your teeth, all the way, I actually have found in my research that coffee is one of the least acidic drinks that you can really find. So, it’s actually not terrible for you.

So, I don’t think, personally, it’s going to dissolve it, but I think it will stain it pretty good, but we’ll find out but yeah. I think it will also stain it. Okay, so we’ll just see what’s left by the end of this.

We’ve got some jars here, and I think we can just pour some of each of our they’re. Not let’s put our liquids into the jars and then pick a good tooth for each one, and then we’ll seal them up for a week and see what happens to them, fantastic.

So while nate is pouring these, Dr Joe, you had mentioned that when that lemon juice in no they think okay. Well, if I’m gonna drink soda, I might have to make sure you know brush my teeth right after to you know, make sure that I’m keeping my teeth.

Okay, I’m gonna pause it right there because she said something really interesting, that you need to brush your teeth directly after drinking sodas because that’s how you keep them healthy and while that is slightly true, it’s actually bad or worse, to brush your teeth directly after eating something acidic I’m talking directly after and that’s because it actually weakens your enamel rods and stuff, and you can brush away and actually hurt your enamel more than help it.

So, what you actually want to do is wait 30 minutes to an hour before you brush to let that mineralization happen and get that enamel back to a healthy order before you brush your teeth, it’s clean! Is that good or bad for you, it’s actually better!

Oh, you said it: it’s actually bad, wait! Half an hour. You have these minerals in your teeth: calcium, hydroxyapatite, crystals, that demineralize and when you demineralize them and then brush straight away, you can actually brush the crystals away because it basically makes them kind of sharp and pointy, and it’s easy to just knock them off man.

It’s almost like this guy’s a dentist or something that’s what I’m talking about, let’s get back into it, so it will destroy your enamel over time, doing that or your dentin or your cement, depending on where you’re brushing, so you’re.

Basically, just like brushing off part of your teeth, exactly right, slowly microscopic parts, but if you do it over time you know it’s bad for you, especially like I mean the orange juice.

I like this guy. What’s his name, Dr Joseph hey, good job, Dr Joseph, you went to a good school, you know a lot and then brushing right. After not only does it taste horrible, but if you know, will hurt your teeth.

So, we’ve got going around coca-cola white, vinegar, carbonated, water. I’M interested to see that one ice – coffee, milk, two percent milk and lemon – so he said two percent milk.

I do want to reiterate that if you’re going to be putting your teeth in a thing of milk, actually, whole milk is better, um. Just for the fat content, I don’t know why. I don’t know why I would just put it in a cup of spit.

Okay, let’s keep going our coca-cola tooth goodbye white teeth, let’s see, if we can. Oh, it’s and it’s gone there.

It is there. It is right there you can see it vinegar, vinegar, let’s go with a giant now before she puts all these teeth in there. Would you guys handle some of these teeth? I’M not gonna lie, guys. I got a little story for you.

I had a bunch of these teeth in dental school and I tell you what, you actually have to put them in bleach to keep them. You know, uh, safe and not like nasty and everything else, but the smells on this is not good.

I don’t recommend anybody carrying a whole entire jar of teeth, but if you do have to, just know it’s going to be smelly, so would you touch it? Would you touch a tooth like this? Let me know down in the comments below, would you get in there and then throw some teeth around?

Let me know: let’s do it we’ve seen what happens when you put eggs into vinegar, it dissolves the shell. I think several people may have seen the trick where you can take a turkey wishbone and leave that in vinegar for like a week, and it becomes very rubbery.

So, I’m curious to see what this is going to do as the tooth will dissolve. It will make it squishy all right. Another super white one for our one in the coffee, milk.

Let’s go ahead: let’s try one that really needs some calcium there. This is a quite to destroy tooth, we’ll be back in about a week. Yeah, come back, see what’s happening, and before we get into the results, I just wanted to. Let you guys know that we do have an oral care company called somethingnicecompany.com.

Every brush purchase goes to a kid in need, so every time you buy one, we give one away to a kid in need at a children’s hospital. I appreciate you guys, you can find the link down below now.

Let’s see what the results were, the teeth have been sitting in our liquids for the whole time, uh. I think it’s time to drain them out and see. What’s happened to our teeth, everybody, let’s see, I’m definitely not gonna try to breathe pause milk?

I personally don’t think that anything happened to it. I think it’s gonna be perfectly fine. Let’s see, we definitely have some curdling going on. I didn’t think about that, leaving it, oh, see that’s what I’m talking about like. I can be in a mouth all day long, but curdle milk grosses me out.

Am I weird, really a bad smell, pour it on in oh dude? You know. I know this is just a fine. Oh, there. It is!

Oh, no! So, here’s you know starting out. This is the tooth that was in milk. What do you think? Do you think it looks like it’s changed much?

No, it looks pretty cool, it hasn’t really changed I’ll feel it if you would like scrape it calculus that we had on it. It’s still there, it’s still hard, so yeah. No, this is fully intact still, but yeah, we have calculus. Basically, they weren’t ding, ding. Ding.

Guess who was right to me, all right? Let’s figure out what happened in the next one: okay, interesting! You can keep milk in your mouth for over a week, just I wouldn’t suggest it but yeah, except for it’s going cardinal sure which liquid this is based on.

How much the top is bulging, I’m guessing! This is the carbonated water before he gets it open.

What do you think’s gonna happen? Carbonation technically can cause some dissolving. I don’t think it’s gonna fully dissolve the tooth, but i do think it’s gonna weaken the enamel a little bit. I’M interested to see this one so lock in it’s probably covered in water. It doesn’t smell.

Like vinegar, I was very concerned that you were about to drink that, Steve, and I aren’t quite that crazy.

Let’s see to me, this also looks like it’s in pretty good condition, and we were talking about how the carbonation isn’t great for it because it does from an acid uh in the carbonic acid um, and so that could be partially dissolving the tooth as well.

Give us your thoughts, so it doesn’t scratch too easily. I mean, interesting that a regular tooth would scratch that much. It might be a little bit softer.

It’s really hard to tell the calculus, though, actually is just coming straight off, so it definitely so it yeah. It. Probably did demineralize to some degree, wow, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

So, it seems to me, like still so remember, there’s sugar, there’s carbonation, which forms carbonic acid and then there’s also citric acid, which is the main player in the game.

So, it looks like sugar and citric acid sugar causes the cavities, and these two dissolve, but it seems like just the carbonation by itself might not be too big of a deal.

That’s crazy. I never knew I always assumed, but another thing is, is maybe the carbonation dissolved over that time. Maybe it was flat, not carbonated, so I don’t know how long it really lasts, kind of hard to experiment to do.

But as far as what we see here, carbonation, not that big of a deal, let’s move on to what I assume is our vinegar, vinegar, okay, suck out the vinegar. What do we think?

I actually don’t really know. I know vinegar is acidic, so you know I’m assuming that it’s probably going to wipe away some of the enamel to make it kind of soft, but I think the dentin or the inside of the two should stay fairly similar for all of these.

Just because there’s much more protein in it, so let’s see what happens.

Okay to me, the enamel on this one looks like oh, it looks very chalky, yeah yeah. Oh, he just took his thumb and just wiped off a piece of enamel.

I mean right. Oh, my gosh, that’s the enamel of the two. Why is that bad boy right off that too? That’s the crazy side, was on the actual like close to the ground. So, I guess that makes sense.

Vinegar is pretty acidic and so, but yeah, look at how it just kind of wipes away. That’s just dissolving, I wouldn’t say it’s like jello squishy, but it’s definitely uh as teeth go. It’s squishy, squishy for a tooth, it’s kind of like chalky.

That’s like it’s a piece of wet chocolate. This is great, so there you go guys, vinegar, no bueno.

I would not be swishing around vinegar in your mouth for weeks, but if you’re doing that then um, I think you got some other issues. We got to talk about two teeth in here, and we have a lot of what I think is just lemon.

Oh, this is the lemon juice there’s lemon pulp in there, but we’ve got a very similar look on the enamel of these, that bright white. That I think is gonna be chalky. This is our okay.

So, what is everybody’s lock in your answers? What do you think’s gonna happen? I think lemon juice is gonna, be the worst super, super acidic citric acid. That thing is a dissolving machine. I think that this thing is just going to get wrecked.

Let’s see lemon juice, some of that enamel came off on my pliers, as I was for my tweezers as I was pulling it out, so I think that’s at least as destroyed as the vinegar it’s softer than the oh.

He just totally took after the freaking thing off, so that’s more like a paste than a chalk. Here you gotta grab on a little more on you, you’ll see I might have got the just off this part, yeah man. He is just literally just pulling away.

This is the one area it touched, the glass and that just protected yeah protected it, but, as you can see everywhere else, it’s uh, basically just wiping the enamel right off right.

One of these is coca-cola, and one of these is coffee. I don’t know. Actually, I was gonna say this is coca-cola by the bulge. Oh yeah, the carbonation, that, like sealed itself down that’s, definitely smells like coffee, yep. Okay, we got coffee, everybody locking your answers.

What do you think is gonna happen? I don’t think personally, I mean coffee may be slightly acidic, so maybe a tiny bit done. I don’t think it’s going to do much other than just stain the tooth a little bit. Let’s see the enamel. Isn’t too stained?

That’s like an initial reaction is to say that it doesn’t look pretty good. I would say a lot of the staining could probably come off, yeah.

It could come off with a good polishing, and I was just testing here to see if the coffee had like degraded, the enamel seems completely intact.

Unlike our acids wow, the hook is doing nothing too smart. I imagine I’m also just pulling away a layer of the dentin that was affected by the coffee, but it is okay.

So, what he’s doing right now is obviously the stained on the enamel, which is what you see in your mouth, really wasn’t that, bad? Surprisingly, probably a little bit now, the roots did get really stained, but those are inside your bone behind the gum.

So, honestly, I mean you’re not gonna, have to worry about your roots, getting stained unless they’re visible already so coffee actually handled it pretty well coca-cola.

The main question coca-cola now here it is the coca-cola, oh, my god, coca-cola is always meant to be this crazy thing. They’ve, you know, dissolved pennies and rust and all this crazy stuff.

So, do you think this tooth is gonna be completely dissolved to nothing? I honestly don’t know, I would assume it’s probably gonna be, you know, hurt, I don’t know if it’s going to be hurt as bad as the lemon juice was because that’s super concentrated citric acid.

So, you know, I think it’ll probably be still bad, but not as bad as the lemon juice. Let’s figure it out, gosh now just get a quick look before I even take it out of the jar it might fall apart. Oh, my god, look at that thing.

That thing is black yo that have you ever seen, an actual tooth in someone’s hand. I wonder if it’s going to fall apart, all the way around, but the surface area.

Yes, actually this, you’ve seen this color I’ve seen. Basically, it’s just heavier: were they eating cigarettes, probably see the little spot where I really do think.

A lot of that staining again is the outside layer, but a nice good, dental cleaning like this, and so what you’re scraping off you think is something that would just that’s exactly yeah.

It looks like no, no cigarettes. This is cementum. Cementum is connected actually to the bone. It’s a fine layer and that’s just looking too. As I said, I think it’s a lot of the proteins of the periodontal that we’re scraping off the enamel, yeah.

Maybe a minimized little yeah, it’s definitely so what we’re looking at it looks like the tooth itself. It went in the tooth and it kind of like dissolved it from the inside, but it looks still intact.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to just pull away like the other tooth did now the root and the cementum. That stuff is connected to your bone, the pdl and so like.

I said it’s not going to get down in there, so I’m more worried about the top of the tooth because that’s what the actual coke would touch, so I’m interested to see when he starts scraping it.

How soft it really is crumbly a little bit, but not not that bad comparatively yeah, but that stain still isn’t coming off either yeah. It sure has stained it and yeah. It’s definitely scraping off a little bit. So, it looks like we do have some crumbliness of the enamel? Okay, that’s not good!

The staining is not possible to come out. The entire tooth is black. Now, I don’t even want to know what it would be like if you had a nerve and a pulp in there. So, obviously coke is pretty bad too.

So, Dr Joseph hit the nail on the head, make sure you brush your teeth, but 30 minutes after you eat something acidic and obviously avoid wishing these things around in your mouth for seven days.


At a time, I’m gonna go brush my teeth. Now.

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