Probing-Probing-Probing: become the best prober with these tips

Probing-Probing-Probing: become the best prober with these tips

Here are some common probing technique errors with best practice solutions, don’t drag the probe across the sulcus or do the opposite of jiggling the tip up and down too fast.

Instead, do a one to two millimeter walking strokes at a slow and steady pace to stay adapted. Don’t let the probe come across the long axis of the tooth instead keep the probe parallel with the long axis of the tooth, at all times by pivoting, on the fulcrum finger, use the same concept on posterior teeth as well, if you’re too, flat or flush with The tooth you won’t be able to access the sulcus instead keep the tip flared out slightly to better access the sulcus for best adaptation. The shank should not be over the top of the tooth or the occlusal plane.

Instead, keep it parallel with the occlusal plane, use the same concept on posterior teeth as well to fully access the inner proximal space.

Don’t stop at the line angle instead, walk the probe right up to the contact into the embrasure space, then tilt halfway across the tooth into the call avoid tipping too far into the call or not tipping enough into the call to fully be able to access the Interproximal space, also, when working on a tooth with no contact, you can just take the direct interproximal reading without having to tilt the probe and the last one is reading. The probe incorrectly, so be sure to check out our videos on how to determine the probe depth with different types of probes.

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