Teeth Whitening | Aesthetica Dental Implant Clinics | Dr. Kamlesh Kothari


Teeth Whitening | Aesthetica Dental Implant Clinics | Dr. Kamlesh Kothari

Hi this is doctor Ames madhavi. Here I am a dental oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I specialize in the diseases of the mouth jaws and face with a special interest in dental implantology and advanced dental implants.

I am the clinical director of aesthetic kolkata’s, most premier dental center and maxillofacial surgery center. Welcome to my vlog, the dental diary, where I am going to discuss common man’s day-to-day dental and jaw related problems.

Nowadays, we see a lot of commercials, promoting teeth. Whitening a lot of YouTuber influencer, promoting home remedies for teeth whitening. So, what is teeth? Whitening actually teeth? Whitening is a fantastic cosmetic procedure which basically lightens the color of your teeth.

Basically, it makes your teeth from pale, yellow or ivory color to bright white teeth. Whitening are basically of two types: one is the home teeth. Whitening other is the in in-office teeth, whitening, which is basically inside the clinic deep whitening, the hope teeth.

Whitening remedies are little dangerous because the dentist has to select the proper case and advise whether teeth whitening is recommended for you at all. In the first place because there are cases where teeth, whitening is not recommended, and only a dentist can tell you whether you’re a suitable candidate for it or not.

So, the best form of teeth whitening is to be done in the dental office. Like you, asked me: what is teeth whitening? Basically, what we do in a feet, whitening is that we apply some chemicals on your teeth, which are basically the peroxide family kind of chemicals. So, these chemicals once they sit on the teeth. They undergo a reaction called as a reduction oxidation reaction.

Now this reaction can happen spontaneously because of the chemicals present inside or more often than not. We have to use a catalyst in the form of a light or a laser or some form of visible light.

So, when light falls on that particular chemical, it activates the chemical and that chemical works on the enamel and lightens it. It may take about 45 minutes to one hour. It may take more than one sitting but 99 of the teeth.

Whitening cases can be done in one sitting in one hour. What are the types of cases that will require teeth? Whitening? Is it recommended for any age I’ll answer a question in two parts: teeth whitening is not recommended for all ages. It is recommended primarily for people.

Above the age of 18, The types of cases which require teeth whitening can be divided into two broad categories. The first category would be people who are looking for cosmetic treatments right, for example, we get a lot of cases who come before a wedding before an important event in the family or some function, where they want their teeth to look brighter and whiter. For that particular occasion, so that is the cosmetic part of the twine.

There are a lot of other patients who require teeth whitening because their teeth are genuinely i’ll. Give you an example.

The example is people who eat a lot of panparaga supari stains people, basically who have developed lot of stains because of bad habits in india. You know we have this habit of pancho pali chewing, so that is a commonest reason.

Nicotine products, nicotine cigarette smoking basically causes a lot of stain on the teeth. Now these stains are so difficult to remove if we do a teeth whitening for this kind of stains, definitely the teeth become a lot more brighter. In these cases, the ideal candidates for teeth whitening would be people who take a lot of tea coffee tobacco containing products like goodka or cigarette smoking, because these deposit on the teeth, and they create ugly looking smile, you know so basically teeth whitening – will help them attain A brighter whiter smile that they so forward.

Look to and a word of caution. Dentist is the right person to decide whether you’re the best candidate to undergo defending procedure or not, once my teeth are whitened.

So, how do i maintain it to ensure the effect of whitening lasts longer? Unfortunately, the effect of deep whitening do not last a lifetime like any other bleaching procedure. Teeth whitening is basically a form of bleaching as well.

You know how you bleach your hair and you don’t expect the bleached hair to remain permanently similarly teeth. Whitening procedures also temporary in nature at best the effects of teeth whitening would last between 9 and 12 months, depending upon what kind of bleach you have done home teeth.

Whitening remedies would last for 3 to 6 months in office, teeth, whitening, bleaching procedures done with laser or visible light that we do here would last for about 9 to 12 months, answering a question regarding the maintenance of teeth whitening, first and foremost after the teeth. Whitening.

First, three to four days, your teeth are going to remain sensitive, avoid taking anything cold during that time, avoid cold water, avoid ice cream and avoid very sour items as well like lime, juice, or something like that.

This is the first few days of care after which to lend them the effects of teeth. Whitening avoid tobacco containing foods, wine, coffee, tea, supari and stuff, like that.

So, does this procedure damage tooth animal? Not really. If the dentist has chosen the case carefully, he’s decided that this is the right candidate, where we can do teeth, whitening procedure without damaging enamel.

It can be done properly, but home teeth. Whitening procedures can cause tooth terrible damage because if you already have a weakened enamel, it can cause severe sensitivity issues and some of these teeth may end up with the root canal treatment. Unfortunately, [, Music ], you

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