What is a Root Canal? What is an Endodontist ? Not Scary but Simple Explanation


What is a Root Canal? What is an Endodontist? Not Scary but Simple Explanation

If you’ve ever needed a root canal, you understand that root canals are normally not something that most people want to hear that they need. The American Association for endodontics has declared this week March 30th through April 5th National root canal awareness week. Wow. Did you see the memo about this Yeah Yeah yeah? I have the memo right here.

I just forgot, thanks. So, I’m going to answer a couple, simple questions about root canals and what an Endodontist is. What do you do? General dentists can do root canals too, but the way that it works with general dentistry is comfort levels, So there are certain teeth, are simple teeth to do, root, canals on and their certainty that the more complex you to do root canal? I myself do a lot of root canals.

However, There are certain teeth, for example, an upper molar that can get kind of tricky to get in and out of all the different nerve system, and Sometimes I like to refer my patients to an Endodontist to Know when the patient is done. The Endodontist only does the root canal Will send the patient back to me and I will complete the crown This is getting confusing, So I’m doing all this talk about root, canals, and you still don’t understand What is a root canal? What does that even mean? So, I have this model that I use in my office Almost every day and I use this model to demonstrate What a root canal is. I’M going to show you from this perspective, and then we’ll get a little closer.

So, this model shows you exactly why most people end up needing a root canal. So if you can see I’m going to flip it over On the top, you can see this brown dot or this black dot, and this black dot represents a cavity. When you have a cavity that doesn’t get filled, meaning you have a cavity, and you never go to the dentist to get your filling. The cavity travels into the inside Of the tooth into the nerve, and it creates an infection. So, you can see that black stuff is representative of infection, and those dots at the bottom are representing an abscess.

Now What we do in a root canal is we go in the inside of the tooth? And now you can see it’s empty here on this step here you can see it’s empty, and we clean out the inside of the tooth to clear out the inside from the top to the bottom. We use these little kind of files And it’s kind of like an inside Scrubber to scrub scrub scrub, the inside of the tooth. Until we get all the bacteria and the Infection out, and we do lots of rinsing with a lot of different. Some of the things we rinse with our sodium hydrochloride Not to get too complicated, Edta Paradox, and they all kill the Bacteria, that’s living inside the tube, yeah wow and then after we’re done with that, then what We’ll do is we’ll put a filling inside If you’ve ever heard the door.

Your dentist says you need a build up. That sort of build up the build up is basically The whole or that we filled underneath Your crown. You can also see a post in here And we use that when you don’t have a lot of tooth left and then the last step is to get you ready for a crown. So, oh I thought this one pulled off and it ah look who’s bothering. I apologize Normally have the one that you put back on, but a crown just means that we cover the tooth back on to this place.

So, that’s what a root canal is from start to finish. You guys I Got shot, but did you die? This has been Dr Tamisha, Denis of the Modern smile


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