What is Dentistry?

What is Dentistry?

So, dentistry, what is it? Is it just about the part of your body that helps you to chew up favorite foods, say cheese, and look great in pictures? No, it is much more than that.

This video should explain what it is, so sit back, relax, and don’t worry you don’t have to say ahhhh. Google explains to it the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disorders within the mouth jaw and craniofacial area.

Wow! Okay, so what do dentists do. Dentists spend their time helping other people from relieving the pain from a toothache, to significantly improving people’s lives by restoring their smile, teeth, self-confidence, and ability to eat and speak properly.

Now let’s look at the different types of dentists, yes there’s more than one. A qualified dentist can work in a dental practice known as primary care, you’ve most likely already met them, you know the ones you see every six months or so.

They see on average 90% of all patients requiring dental treatment. They make sure everything is healthy, deal with the day-to-day problems that a patient may be facing and provide treatment like fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, and simple cosmetic procedures.

So, what’s so scary about that? In some cases, patients have more complex issues and referred to a specialist dentist. These dentists often work in a secondary care setting such as a hospital.

Many diseases of the body actually have early signs in the mouth, so referrals but these cases are a must. Diabetes, heart disease, your dentist may know before you do. Bad breath and beading gums could be indicators of diabetes and a saw and painful jaw could foreshadow an oncoming heart attack, and you thought dentists only look for gum disease and cavities. So, what about the specialist dentists.

Brace yourself it’s the orthodontist, they look at how your teeth bite together. Sometimes teeth can come through at different angles in the wrong places or may not bite together correctly. Here, orthodontists take impressions of your teeth and use really cool digital technology to move teeth safely into line, with the aid of braces, to give you that beautiful smile you’ve dreamt of.


Thought that impressed you?

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Did you know the shape memory metals that are used for orthodontic wise and braces was developed by NASA for their space program. Now that’s cool.. up next periodontist, they look closely at the gums and underlying bone which surround the teeth. Sometimes patients can have severe forms of gum disease which start to affect the jaw bone and this is where the periodontist comes in.

Without them people with gum disease can lose the bone around their teeth allowing their teeth to fall out one by one now, that’s scary. So, we know in general dentists can do simple root canal treatments. But what about the complicated cases …

Meet the endodontist they save teeth, sometimes infections can get right into the tiny nerves and blood vessels within the tooth, causing severe pain. Now this can’t be fixed with antibiotics, these guys use cutting-edge technologies and their skills on a microscopic level to remove the nerve and blood vessels from within the tooth and then seal it to protect and save the tooth amazing right? And what about those pesky teeth that hide in the gums at the back of your mouth, they usually appear when you’re older, more mature and yes wiser?

The wisdom teeth, sometimes you may need to visit an oral surgeon to get them removed, these dentists are specialists and surgical treatment of the teeth and jaw.

People with conditions such as cysts and tumors in their jaws or soft tissues will also typically see an oral surgeon. Finally, maxillofacial surgeons Maxfax for short, are specialists in surgically treating the face, head, and neck.

They are dually qualified in both dentistry and medicine and typically manage serious conditions of the head and neck, including severe trauma from car accidents to cancers or even infections and deformities.

See dentistry is far from just teeth, there is a huge spectrum of choices within the dental field, there is so much you could be doing, from detecting early signs of cancer through to research and super materials that could be used in the dental industry. Best of luck!


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