Woman Glues Her Teeth Back In Place To Avoid The Dentist | The Truth About Your Teeth

Woman Glues Her Teeth Back In Place To Avoid The Dentist | The Truth About Your Teeth

There’s something rotten in the state of Britain’s teeth. Today, millions of people are living with tooth decay, gum disease, broken teeth and bad breath, and for some people the problem has got out of control.

We want to do something about it, so we’ve set up our own special clinic in one of the busiest dental hospitals in the UK, king’s college hospital in London over the next six months.

Our team of top consultants and dental specialists will help to fix Britain’s tea. I’M jasmine, Harmon, and tonight I’ll be meeting the people whose problems with their teeth are ruining their lives from the mum who’s taken dentistry into her own hands.

I use glue on the top of the tooth, and then I put it back in place until the glue is set to a young dad who’s been rotting, his teeth away. I used to drink 24 cans.

Ah, every shift – I’m Dr Chris van Tucker and from our clinic I’ll, be investigating how the latest scientific discoveries can change the way we all look after our teeth tonight.

I’ll reveal how teeth affect the way you’re judged. Do you think she’s somebody looks after herself how to cure bad breath and all investigative tooth whitening kits are a waste of money?

At last, I look like the lady on the box. Everyone who comes into our clinic will have their smile transformed. Oh, let’s see, amazing. This is the show that will fix your teeth and change your life, I’m gonna cry again. Thank you, okay, this is the truth about your teeth.

Today, we’ve opened the doors to our clinic for the very first time. Welcome to king’s college hospital, sit back in the chair. Just relax. Is this patient here as well? Yeah yeah, our clinic, will be run by one of the UK’s leading dentists, Dr Serpal Jamal, consultant and clinical lead at king’s college.

Hospital he’s got patient in the chair. No problem, circle has spent much of her life devoted to fixing the nation’s teeth. One mouth at a time: okay, I’m gonna have a little peep inside your mouth, just needs a bit of air like that.

Okay, she’ll be in charge of giving all our patients back their smiles. It isn’t just about the mechanics of dentistry, it’s about changing people’s smiles and boosting their confidence.

How good does that? Look! That’s what it’s all about! Actually, helping people live happier lives before we meet our first patient. I want to show you why teeth are so important.

Recent research shows that your teeth can affect your quality of life in ways. You could never imagine showing you how I’ve come to a graphics house to begin an experiment.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to take an image of someone’s face, and we’re going to create three different pictures and the thing we’re going to change is the teeth, and then we’re going to take these three pictures and ask people what they think about This person are they in a relationship? Do they have a good job? Are they educated?

Are they smart? We want to find out how the teeth affect the way that person is judged. We don’t want people to think. Oh, that’s jasmine off the telly, as it will affect their opinion.

So, we’ve made a few tweaks to her face, I’m going to start with a picture of jasmine with her good teeth and a question about her education.

Let’s have a look, hello. Lads have a good look at the girl’s face. Nice. That’s the picture. We’re showing do you reckon she’s been to university.

Yes, do you think this person’s been to university, yeah? Yes, yeah. Definitely! Now, I’m not interested in whether people think she’s attractive or not.

I’M only interested in judgments on her personality, something you might think would have nothing to do with her team, yeah she’s all right.

How friendly does she appear on a scale of one to five? Well: five: five: how friendly does she appear on a scale of one to five yeah, she’s very friendly, very friendly?

Now it’s the same questions but different teeth. How friendly does this person appear on a scale of one to five I’d, say two, not very, not very. How friendly does that person appear?

She doesn’t appear very friendly to me. Do you think she’s someone who looks after herself? No, I’m being hard, very hard. I tell you all: the girls are much more honest. I’ve done this experiment on anyone and everyone.

Nearly everybody I spoke to thought jasmine with bad teeth, was less friendly, less educated and less likely to be in a successful relationship. So if you think that having bad teeth is no big deal, we’ll think again because as wrong as it may be, we all of us judge others by their appearance.

Five million people in the UK haven’t been to the dentist in the last 10 years. It’s these kinds of people we’re desperate to get into our clinic. Our first patient is one of them: I’m here at Houston station to meet Andrew off the train, she’s traveling down for her first appointment.

So, I imagine she’s going to be pretty nervous. To be honest, I’m conscious that I’ve been incredibly lucky with my own teeth. I’ve had them whitened in the past, and I really look after them.

I just hope Angela, won’t feel that I’m judging her in any way seriously. I don’t want anything to get in the way of her getting the right treatment.

Angela’s been so reluctant to see a dentist. It’s taken months of negotiation to get her to our clinic for you to even be here is amazing: oh yeah, you know – and I feel good about that. I feel proud of myself, hi jasmine. Are you Angela?

This will be the first time of Angela’s. Let a dentist see inside her mouth for a decade. I’M just lining you up with the lights that we’ve got here: okay, perfect circle and her team go to work to find out as much as they can Angela’s been keeping a secret she’s ashamed to share with anyone, you’re having with your team, um.

I’ve got a few with holes in, and I have one at the front that has fallen out. How did you get it back?

In, I’m afraid I’ve been gluing it back in. How have you been doing, that i just when it comes out? I just put a little bit of glue and try and hold it in place to keep it, so I don’t have a gap in my teeth.

It’s probably one of the worst cases that I’ve seen and certainly, one of the worst cases of desperation to superglue, a tooth back in the mouth open for me. So just gonna have a little peep around four occlusal amalgams.

Three retained root, Angela’s front teeth are coated in a thick layer of plaque and superglue. It’s a result of years of desperation that go as far back as her childhood.

I’ve always been scared of a dentist because my mum died at 34 from throat cancer right. Two, grade two: she had the two cells not slowly bone. She had cancer three grade one, I was nine and that fear is in the back of my mind.

You just get your mind set, and you just think, you don’t go. You don’t make that phone call. You know, opening my mouth to you. I really do. Angela has been in our clinic for nearly two hours.

Only now can Serpal decide whether her teeth can be saved. I’M not looking forward to having this conversation.

She knows. She’s got a problem with her teeth. What I’m going to tell her is just going to confirm her worst fears, and it’s going to you know devastate her.

I think, unfortunately, in the top jaw, you’ve lost nearly 90 percent of the bone, supporting your teeth. The bad news is that we’re looking at losing all of the top teeth and I would say quite a few of the bottom teeth I’m upset because I know I’ve got to lose the teeth yeah, but I had a feeling about that. All the way along. Are you alright? Oh yeah, yeah.

What happened? It’s not good. I’ve got to pop them all out. It’s a very emotional thing to be told that you’re going to lose your time because they’re part of you, and it’s like almost like a loss. Isn’t it yeah?

My mum said it’s like a bereavement when she lost her teeth. She felt so upset because it was a part of her that was gone. Angela’s not only upset about losing her teeth. Circle’s only option is to replace them with removable dentures. I just get this impression of why you feel, old man.

You look girly things, I just don’t want to be out and smile and drop out or something like that. My mom has had dentures, and that is how her teeth look now, and she can smile with total confidence.

I think I just need to go home. Think about it. I’M just gutted for Angie because to be told at the age of 48 that you’ve got to lose all of your top teeth is devastating.

For her, I mean, it’s going to be pretty difficult for anyone to deal with. So, I think the best thing now is for her to just take a bit of time to let the news sink in, hello there. How are you doing? While circle and jasmine are with our patients at the clinic, I’m off shopping.

In the UK we spend 800 million pounds a year on a staggering array of teeth, cleaning products that make all sorts of promises, but which ones work have a look at this we’ve got deep, clean, whitening, cavity protection, advanced clean, advanced freshening, max white one.

That’s kids! That is one brand and I think it’s 16 We’ve got nine sensodynes, there’s a whole row of aquafreshes. I mean, how could you ever decide which one of these you wanted?

We see this in the mouthwashes. We see it in all the different picks, the wide range of toothbrushes.

How would you ever pick a brush? There are thousands of products on the market just for our teeth and my guilty secret is: I buy most of them,  right. I want to show you something. This is my bathroom and this. This is my bathroom cabinet, and I’m embarrassed about this.

I think a bathroom cabinet is a real window into someone’s mind, maybe even into their soul. Look at this. I’ve worked it out, and I spend well over a hundred pounds a year on this stuff.

Honestly, I haven’t set this up. I’ve got five different toothbrushes and my wife’s electric toothbrush here, look at this.

I’ve even got an air pick. I’ve been wondering if I really need all these products, I’m a research scientist, so I’m gonna do my own investigation. What’s the stuff about the levels of fluoride used, and what about the mouth washes?

What do you reckon about the quality of the evidence? I’ve spoken to the British dental association.

I’ve spoken to the dentists that we work with the experts, and I’ve read myself these scientific papers that cover the evidence about how to look after your teeth and here’s.

My summary, if you have a good manual toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and you brush for two minutes twice a day effectively getting to the back of your mouth, doing every surface of every tooth and your gums. That’s what’s needed, all the other stuff that I’ve got in that cupboard.

It’s not that we think it doesn’t work, it’s that we don’t know that it does work and if it does work, it probably doesn’t add a massive benefit. The thing to do with that two minutes is brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

That’s all everyone happy! Yes, any problems. Let me know: okay, all right, yeah. Otherwise, let’s go back to our clinic circle and her team are in full swing.

I’M just looking at the gum at the moment right together for me now: dentistry cost, the nhs three and a half billion pounds a year and a big chunk of that three and a half billion is spent on tooth decay, which is, of course, really easily preventable.

If we can get a scan done today, could you come back at two o’clock to start having some treatment? Yeah?

If you see your dentist just once a year x-ray, you can reduce your chance of tooth decay by 60, but our next patient hasn’t been to the dentist for years, hi. How are you guys? Jasmine has gone to Amesbury to meet young dad Richard?

What is it about your teeth? You don’t like everything I feel like. If I smile properly, then you can just like to see the decaying bits I know of people notice it’s a sort of like look at my teeth as I’m talking to him.

Let’s have a look, then, so is it like that all the way around yeah Richard’s mouth gives him pain almost every day, but he hasn’t visited a dentist for fear. They’ll remove all his teeth, it’s changed the way I am who I am in my everyday life.

Really. What made your teeth like that energy drinks, I used to work 12-hour shifts um day shifts and night shifts. I found that energy drinks keep me awake.

I used to drink 24 cans every shift, so that’s one every half an hour, pretty much, yeah.

So, why now have you decided that it’s time to take control of the situation and get your teeth sorted because Cody, I don’t want him growing up thinking that my teeth are normal um that it is okay to have teeth like it.

Cody looks up to him, a proper daddy’s boy. I won’t have Cody going. Oh, but daddy’s teeth are like that. So, you know, why can’t my teeth be like it? Why can’t?

I have sugary stuff and things like that. I want him to have. You know, nice teeth. Nice smile, like I used to I’d like to see them too standing in the bathroom, brushing their teeth together, smiling away.

I’D love that not just about your teeth is this affected all kinds of different areas in your life, yeah I mean it has affected my life.

You know everything about it: really: um work, social life, son, family meals me as a person. Two weeks later, Richard is coming to our clinic since having a family he’s decided to confront his fear, and today he’ll see if there’s any hope of saving his teeth.

If they said that they’ve got to take some teeth out or wouldn’t be surprised to expect them to say that, I think I’d be more shocked if they said that there are teeth in there that they can actually sort of do something with, okay.

Here we go right here, so just gonna lie you back. Okay, pop your head back and just relax.

If you can, until now, he’d have had to be in extreme pain to even think about getting into the dentist’s chair, delayed bleeding on probing upper left.

Eight missing fool’s missing space closed Richard’s got lots of decay, but decay on the smooth surfaces of the teeth. We don’t see that often, he must be soaking his teeth in a lot of sugar right together, class one open.

It is heartbreaking when you see relatively young patients with decay, that’s going to result in them losing their teeth because that’s totally, totally avoidable, and it’s all based on sugar in the diet, this black hole here is dental decay. These two teeth are shot to death.

You can see that yourself, where you’ve got not much of the crown that’s grossly decayed, and you’ve. Virtually just got one little bit of a root left here.

On the left hand, side, things aren’t looking good for Richard. It’s really sad when you see patients come in with lots of holes in all of their teeth because decay is a preventable disease.

It’s a very slow process that, over the years, the decay gets bigger and bigger, and I’m not sure with rich how many of his teeth.

We’re actually going to be able to save circle, has to remove five of Richard’s teeth and begins the fight to save the others. Is he embarrassed about us too? He hasn’t got his confidence, so this is a big thing for him.

Amazingly, she’s able to drill away the decay and rebuild his remaining teeth. Luckily, we caught the decay at the right stage where we could fill the teeth had he not presented now he would have been wearing dentures in six months time if he changes his diet, changes.

The sugar intake, then he shouldn’t, get any more decay, and he can save his teeth. Your behavior will affect the whole family, so you need to maintain this change in your lifestyle.

I’M gonna be the role model incredibly after just two hours of treatment. It’s time for Richard to reveal all, oh daddy. Oh, let’s see, oh my goodness, wow!

Look at that! Are these your real teeth? These are your actual teeth that you had before, you haven’t had one to put in from that. To that i’m just shocked and amazed, and so proud of you, and for the first time he can smile with confidence in front of his son. Definitely worth it.

Okay, you don’t even recognize him. Hardly look at me. Richard’s task now is to look after not only his own teeth, but his young son Cody’s as well, hello resources industry.

How can I help you us Brits are known the world over for our bad and yellow teeth, but things are changing as more and more of us hunt for the Hollywood smile, cosmetic, dentistry is a booming industry in Britain and, to a very large extent, that’s because Of an increase in tooth whitening now it is possible to spend over 800 pounds having your teeth one.

If you go to a place like say Harley Street, but for those of us that can’t afford that amount of money.

There is a cheaper alternative. These over-the-counter products that you can buy and then use yourself at home. Your eye, white blanks pearl drops pure white, brilliant, rapid white, more pure white extra white pro light different rapid white with a blue light, an extra white, an enormous range of products.

The thing that’s really interesting to me about these things is: there is no independent research that clinically proves anything about these products so to deal with that problem, we’re going to do our own study, to make sure it’s all done properly.

I’ve enlisted the help of scientists from de montfort university and dr wyman chan, who has a phd in tooth whitening, he’s one of the UK’s foremost experts and a proud possessor of some of the whitest teeth.

You’ll ever see. First, let’s give out the kids guys. I’ve got a tooth whitening kit for each and every one of you here.

They range in price from five pounds to 50 pounds, and you are randomly allocated, so you can’t swap them around, starting with the brilliant five-minute kit.

So next up the rapid white express and then flanks, extra white and finally, the lustre pro-like teeth awakening system, I’m actually one of the priests.

I’ve been allocated this one because it says on the back to prepare for compliments. I think the greatest claim for any treatment that i’ve ever heard before we start using our new whitening kits.

Dr Hyman is measuring the color of everyone’s teeth, both electronically and by eye. So, we can compare the whiteness after the treatments. Is there a particular reason?

You’re interested in having white teeth at the moment, we’ve got a wedding coming up and there’s got to be a lot of photographers. My ex said my teeth were rubbish.

Was this midway through the relationship or at the better end? I think it was all a bitter end. Let me see uh what color they are now.

You know you see on the TV, Simon county, you all want to look like Simon Cowell, I’m not saying I want to go that far. Is it a thing? You think that guys or girls think about in their partners – and I have to be honest, when I’m talking to a man, I do look at his teeth and his shoes.

I literally said to my wife, as I left the house this morning. I said these shoes are a bit muddy, but it’s a show about teeth: they’re not going to fill my shoes.

Are they? Oh? Okay, as Dr Hyman continues to measure how white our teeth are, a whole range of shades is emerging. I think it’s about a now about this color. Let’s turn left, have a look.

This is like when you buy paint at a DIY store. This is the color chart of teeth, it is, it’s a color charge of teeth, and this is as white as you can get them because teeth whitening is so popular, especially in America.

This tea is not white anymore. They have made some whiter teeth, just especially for the Americans, if you look at that, and that teeth will look yellow now against American tea. What you’re saying is in Britain we have this scale yes of color, for teeth.

Yes, but Americans are actually literally off the scale off the scale, so it’s your turn now great sort of great, I feel quite self-conscious a smile.

Oh, they look horribly, yellow now, don’t they your side teeth are pretty yellow, yeah yeah. How dark is that this is the second darkest, it’s quite dark. Actually, I’m really excited about this, they’re a really great group of volunteers.

I think everyone’s going to do it properly and what’s really funny, is I’ve kind of come away from today with a problem.

I didn’t even know I had, so I thought I had quite white teeth, but actually, they are quite yellow. I accept that and for once in my life, I’m taking immediate remedial action, so I’m gonna be very excited to see.

If this actually works. I can see why your dentist didn’t want to try and save it, yeah. It’s really wiggling has got it wiggles back in Cheshire, professional dog walker.

Angela, is still terrified at the thought of having dentures all aboard. What really scares me about dentures is, i thought I wanted to take them out and then looking at yourself, like you know, I know to think like a gooner, I don’t want that.

The embarrassment of talking to somebody or having a laugh going out with the girls and them coming out, or something like that. You know, really horrifies me.

I’D rather put up with what I’ve got than you know a go through that with Angela, not returning to our clinic I’m heading to Cheshire to see how she’s coping.

I just feel so self-conscious that I don’t do any, you know. I don’t go anywhere really even going in a shop, I feel embarrassed they’d, be like nudge. Look at her. You know, sorry.

I noticed that when you’re talking, you’re really self-conscious about your teeth, even for my son, and we bought embarrassed to like to sit and have a conversation with him um.

So i just you know, turned my head away. That’s what I saw to him: half the time I talk, you know, with my hand over my mouth. I know i shouldn’t really because it draws the eye even more, Angela is so ashamed that she’s still fixing her own tooth with superglue.

When it falls out, I use glue on the top of the tooth, and then I put it back in place until the glue is set. As you push it in yeah the glue yeah, it spreads, it spreads it’s just a normal superglue.

It says it’s an irritant. Something tells me this is not stuff that you should be putting in your mouth. What do you know? I’M really worried about Angela. I just hope.

She’ll come back to the clinic because she can’t carry on the way she is now, the appearance of your mouth. Isn’t the only thing that’s important, how it smells matters too.

Almost all of us experience bad breath at some point in our lives and one in four adults suffers from it regularly, and it’s definitely something that makes me feel a bit paranoid.

It’s alright. When you’re at home, you can just brush your teeth, but what about?

When you’re out, when you’re at work or in a job interview or even a date, you get a whiff, a whiff of morning breath or coffee breath or even booze breath from the night before.

What do you do? Well? The first thing I do is make sure I have got bad breath. You can either do a kind of elaborate smelling routine like that, but doesn’t work very well.

Best thing is to lick your wrist, let it dry and then smell it. Not pretty. So ideally, your mouth should be like a crystal stream flowing with clear saliva that will wash away the bacteria that are responsible for the foul odors of halitosis.

But if your mouth dries out for any reason because you’re nervous or because of alcohol because you’ve been asleep, and you’ve been snoring, it becomes more like a stagnant pond, to get rid of the stagnant pond smell. You need to drink water.

Water will help to wash away the smelly sulphur compounds that are producing the pong. Next you’ve got to find yourself. Some fibrous veg with really high water content, like cucumber or celery, would be good or a carrot.

So, the water content cleans your mouth and the fiber. When you chew it up produces saliva, so it’s like a two-in-one combined mouthwash and toothbrush provided by mother nature and tastes good, and it’s 60p, a pound fabulous.

So, that’s going to be quite a bit of a dilemma, which one do you sacrifice? Do you get down, come on good boy, come on juice! It’s been a few weeks since I saw Angela, and she’s finally made up her mind: she’s not coming back to our clinic she’s so frightened of having dentures that could fall out at any time that she’s found an alternative today, a top private dentist will fit implants.

False teeth that are permanently screwed into her jaw bone the treatment, costs thousands of pounds and will use up all her life savings. I’Ve come to an agreement with the dentist that the remaining amount will be done via finance.

So, I’m really, really happy about that circle. Is unable to offer Angela the same treatment? Only patients who’ve suffered trauma or have genetic conditions that affect their teeth are eligible for implants on the nhs, but she’s also worried about Angela’s health.

Although she would like to have implants if she doesn’t stop smoking and if she doesn’t improve her cleaning, you can still get gum disease around implants. She could spend a lot of money having implants, but it may be for a short period.

Both dentists, have told Angela the risks of implants, but her decision is made all right. So, let’s get started. Eleven of Angela’s top teeth are about to be extracted, and the first one she can do herself.

So, what i’m gonna ask you to do if it’s okay, are you gonna be able to take that tooth out? For me, just to get rid of the initial tooth yeah is that all right get out bye, get rid of it?

Yeah, say goodbye to it: I’m definitely never going to be seeing that again.  Really, that’s a denture she’s made herself a denture how to of superglue calculus just having that out of her mouth is going to make her mouth feel so much better.

Her other teeth aren’t putting up much of a fight either, there’s so much bone loss around them that they’re only really supported by tissue. After the extractions, six titanium screws are inserted into Angela’s jaw and her dental implants with 12 new teeth will be permanently attached. That’s better, okay, we’re on you all right.

Dr Kalish Celenke has 10 years experience fitting implants. He sets all his patients a strict maintenance and cleaning plan. I’ve got to understand that they’re having this kind of work done, there’s maintenance involved.

You know they can’t just have a treatment like this and expect it’s going to last them for the rest of their life, and they don’t have to do anything ever again. You know this is probably higher maintenance, unfortunately than having her own teeth after surgery, Angela returns home, I’m swollen a bit upset about it, blah blah blah, but it’s the best thing I’ve done.

She must wait for a few weeks for the swelling to subside, I’ll. Just persevere with the ice packs. Only then can she really see the result of her expensive surgery.

I’ll come back to see her in a few weeks: time, back at our clinic circle and her team are busy working their way through a range of problems, and it’s not just wobbly teeth and bleeding gums. What were the injuries today?

In our waiting room are some dental emergencies so, as well as being an amazing all-round dentist, serpal is an expert in teeth trauma and the top five injuries she sees day to day are bike accidents.

Car crashes, fights falls and falls. I was in a children’s play park on a wet day racing a friend to the top of a climbing frame. You should know better.

Have you had previous trauma to my front two teeth, the same two front teeth or that one, and that one and I knocked them out when I was like six, I tried to jump over a skateboard when I was about 12?

Look them out again. So is this something you do every six years because there’s six there’s twelve and now eighteen all right, twenty yeah, so it’s close enough.

You can see them they’re just poking through just there. This is the acid, it’s blue! In color.

I promise your tooth won’t be blue if you’re good you’ve got to make it look like a tooth and feel like a tooth for the patient, and you’ve had so many of them before I’ve got to make it look really nice.

Now let me have a look. First, look at me, give us a smile. Okay, let him have a look in the mirror. I think he looks better than the one next door, amazing in Robbie’s case, because of his character because of the activities he likes to engage in he’s more likely to actually knock his teeth again and again and again against everyone’s better judgment.

Robbie is allowed back into the big wide world. Thank you. When you knock a tooth out. A lot of us make our way to the dentist with tooth in hand, and that’s completely the wrong thing to do so.

I’M going to demonstrate what to do if a tooth gets knocked out using this slightly odd set of fake teeth. First of all pick it up, but not by this very delicate root that has cells on it.

You want to keep alive. You pick it up by the bit that’s protected by enamel the bit you normally see then lick it to get off any dirt, don’t brush it, don’t scrub it, or you’ll damage these very sensitive cells that you want to keep alive there. So, its pick it licks.

It and then finally, stick it back in the gum in exactly the place. It came from a minute’s count here, the quicker you get it back in your mouth, the more likely the tooth is to survive, never put it in ice or water.

It’ll either kill the tooth with cold or the water will cause the sensitive cells on the root to explode and don’t leave it in your pocket. It’ll dry out and definitely die, but if you really can’t put it back in your mouth, pop it in milk that’ll keep it alive for up to six hours.

But remember, this advice is only for adult teeth.

There if a bakery is, though, yep bait’s already done. Perfect bad teeth affects every aspect of your life, your appearance, your confidence and, if they’re causing you constant pain, then even simple activities like eating can become almost impossible.

In fact, over 13 million people in Britain struggle to eat because of their poor teeth.

Our next patient is one of them. I’M meeting Denise at a south London market, the biggest impact.

That obviously is there every single day is when I’m going to have something to eat. I can’t bite using the front. I mean my teeth and that’s only good tries are mine.

Obviously, it gets worse when you go home this evening, you’re eating think what it’d be like. If you had three wobbly teeth at the front, how would you bite into that to be able to go into McDonald’s or anywhere like that and just get a burger, that’s in a bun to bite through it?

I can’t do. I could quite easily bite into that burger and, as I’m sort of pulling away what’s in my hands, let me tooth is going to come out as well. So, that’s something – and I know a lot of people will take that for granted.

Ten years ago, Denise lost all her top front teeth and was fitted with a temporary denture, but she found the treatment so traumatic that she abandoned it halfway through and hasn’t been back since it’s quite gummy to avoid ever returning she’s made an extraordinary decision. I made my mind up about 10 years ago.

What i’ve got left will rock in my mouth. Eventually, nature will take its course, and they’ll rot to the point that they will just naturally fall out. That is quite severe, quite happy, true to her word.

Her remaining teeth are close to falling out, this one here will be the first time that’s been shaking for about two and a half years. So, what are you making tonight?

I’M making a chicken curry with um a pumpkin and sweet potato rice, so all these things that you find easy enough to eat. Oh yeah, definitely again because once this is cooked, it’s like potatoes, so you could even have it mashed it.

It’s very, very soft. What is it about the dentist? What experiences have you had that, just put you off all of my recollection of dentists, has always been pain and has always been trauma.

Denise’s bad experience at the dentist has given her a phobia that has affected the whole family. My daughter doesn’t have a registered dentist. I don’t believe my son has a registered dentist as a mum in that respect.

I’ve partially failed them in terms of looking after their teeth because I had my own issues around it. Fortunately, their teeth aren’t rotten, so that hasn’t added to the guilt that I have to carry and acknowledge.

That’s why I have to change this see you again soon bye, bye. I honestly do not know how Denise has coped, she’s been through so much with dentists. So, I think it will be tough to put all that behind her.

You know, but she’s at breaking point now, so I just want to get her into the clinic and get her teeth. Sorted, our investigation to test whether high street tooth whitening kits really work is underway for the last two weeks.

All the volunteers, including me, have been filming our mission for whiter, teeth, to try and see what I’m working with. I don’t know if it’s made some sort of difference or not bear with me, it’s time for application number one accelerator as it does look a little bit whiter.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, not yet okay, so I’m actually gonna read the instructions for the first time in my life, get ready for a beautiful whiter smile in no time pre-treat with the whitening brush each tooth with the activator whitening ge.

Okay, apply the dual action: whitening light: between us, we’re testing, four different types of tooth whitening products: mine needs to be done three times a day.

So, I’m at work. I’M gonna go and whiten my teeth in the uh. In the work clue, so if no one else sees me, can I see a difference, I mean I think I can see a difference mainly on the front and front sixties?

I’M determined to complete this treatment properly, no matter where I am nobody said anything about my teeth, so um I’m a little bit disappointed because I think I was expecting that to happen. I’M pretty sure I’m the only person who’s whitening their teeth on cold tonight.

How long ago was the trauma back at the clinic, circle and her team are preparing for the arrival of Denise. They know: she’s a nervous patient, today she’s facing her fears and heading to our clinic at king’s for her first consultation.

I have to do this, if not now at some point in the future, and I’ve been saying that for the past 10 to 15 years, her daughter Tasha has come along for support. I suppose this is probably one of the worst parts, is waiting to Denise, seeing a bit.

What is it about the actual being in the dentist’s chair that you don’t, like my biggest fear, is when I’m laying back and my mouth’s open, and i have to put that trust in you.

My favorite dentist really started when I was about 13 or 14. I had an extraction and the only food I could eat for near on six weeks was Weetabix through a straw, the pain and the trauma, and all of that that’s what you’re gonna have to go through to go to the dentist.

I don’t want it. I think it’s positive already the fact that you’re sitting there in the chair, and you’re speaking out about what you don’t like about dentistry because the aim game should be that we see what we can do to try and get you to have faith in dentists.

Again. She’s not been interacting with people, she’s not eating out. You know she hasn’t been doing the normal things that you and i take for granted, and she’s been.

You know, struggling up until now, and my aim is to hopefully help her get to a point where she can live her life again. Three is a crown with mesial caries thing, one missing: two: three, four: five all missing gold crown, and its grade three mobiles.

Four. Five: six seven eight listen to Denise has managed to keep calm through circle’s examination right together, perfect, but for the last 20 years, she’s needed sedation for any treatment.

It’s literally come to me with the tweezers or one of them, fine skinny things, and that’s the problem.

She’s about to find out what treatment serpal recommends, I think you’re going to have a lower denture because you’re going to lose three bottom front teeth.

Yeah, all right, so I think, extract that one and that one and keep these two to help anchor a denture in place.

Now I’m gonna say something that you’re really not gonna like or want to hear, these teeth are so loose that the pallava of giving you the sedation is going to take longer than just numbing you up and taking the teeth out.

Hones, just think about it anyway, I want you to think about it. My stomach’s churning okay, see you again soon, yeah all right. All the best, Denise has been asked to return to our clinic in two weeks time for the next stage of her treatment. I really hope.

Denise comes back for treatment. I mean, some phobic patients come for the first appointment, and then you never see them again, and let’s face it.

Denise has kind of done that in the past, she had this temporary denture made. That was only supposed to be for a few months, and she’s worn. It for years now that was due to her fears.

I really hope that this time is different, and she makes the leap and actually comes for treatment.

Let’s wait and see: almost all of us have fillings, I certainly do and if you’ve had them, you’ll never forget the feel and the sound of the dentist drill when you have a filling your dentist drills away decay and fills the hole in your Tooth with amalgam think of it likes to tooth concrete, the good news is that drills could be a thing of the past because some scientists have invented an alternative.

It’s completely painless, and it’s all contained within one tiny drop of liquid in this drop of liquid. There are tiny fragments of protein called peptides, and they act like a scaffold allowing the enamel on your tooth to regrow. This is called remineralization.

So imagine this sink is a decayed tooth. A few drops of this special liquid and hey presto, a fixed tooth with no need for drills or concrete. So perhaps the drill would be replaced with a drop.

When I first met Angela, she was practically a recluse. She didn’t want to go out of the house for fear that someone would judge her.

I want to see her new teeth and how she’s changed. Oh, my goodness, oh look good to see you. Let me see that smart, oh, my goodness, I know. Can I have a really close look, yeah, I mean you can’t see anything? Can you no wonderful, isn’t it?

I feel amazing and there’s no hand over my mouth or embarrassment and the difference people have said in me noticed in me my friends, things like I just like.

Oh my god, you’re more outgoing here we are, Angie just looks sensational. She is transformed. She knows that. There’s a chance, her implants won’t last, especially if she doesn’t look after them.

I think she will, she is committed to making it work. It’s a new start for Angie and I couldn’t be happier for her, our trial. Looking at how well over-the-counter teeth. Whitening products work is coming to an end. I’M excited to see what the results will be.

When I go back, I don’t think I’ve noticed a difference. We’re gonna brush it one more time, and they’re gonna go from average to Simon Cowell, I’d like to think that something’s happening since they’re promising me a smile transformation and to prepare for compliments.

Dr Hyman is measuring just how much whiter our teeth have become. Thank you very much for taking part in the experiment. What did you all make of the cats?

I do think it would work because we were the same, yeah. We had the same product, but I don’t know I really feel like it made a difference. I convinced myself that it was working.

I spent an awful lot of time, brushing chemicals onto my teeth and shining lights at them. I want to see if it made any difference.

Can i just have a look at my teeth? Well, you can have a look.

This is before, and this is after tell me – you can see any difference after okay have a look again I’ll go back to b4 again, Dr woman has photographed each of my teeth and given them an electronic whiteness score, it can measure shades of whiteness completely imperceptible To the human eye, so the only, and it’s the same result for the rest of the group.

Most volunteers teeth showed no change of whiteness. A few showed an improvement of just half a shade.

We’ve only detected half a shade difference between the first date. We measured it and after the whitening treatment, 0.5 shades is so small. So, it’s not even worth mentioning. There’s a result.

Your fancy machine can see half a shade. Yes, the human eyeball can’t we’re not we’ll not be able to see even two shades or three shades, so why aren’t they working?

Firstly, the chemical um they put into the products is not uh enough. It’s not enough! Why don’t they put in more because of the eu regulations?

You will go to a dentist. It will work because we can use 60 times more concentration than the normal over-the-counter products.

Dentists are allowed to work with higher concentrations because they’re professionals working with potentially dangerous chemicals. We contacted all the companies that made the products, the manufacturer of rapid white express and brilliant tooth whitening.

Five-minute kits said: their products comply with EU regulations and over the past 12 months they have had 1.

A million satisfied customers. So, what do you guys? Think of the results: we’ve measured a half a shade difference, totally invisible to the human eyeball. I’M not entirely surprised, me. Neither is untrue if they’re promising four shades well, they say up to four shades yeah seriously.

Please, we did wonder whether psychologically there are a lot of people. Well, I’ve been doing this for seven days now. I’ve been doing for two weeks. Oh yeah, I do see them whiter because you almost convinced yourself well, you can’t be. I didn’t have this.

Are you I feel stupid in fact that products made me feel stupid? None of the products that I come across have stunned any credible or in the chemical trial at all.

I haven’t seen a single one. The whitening kits didn’t do much, but there are a few tricks you can do at home. Now, I’ve never put on bronzer.

Can it right, okay, and don’t be afraid to slap it on? It’s contrast we’re after here I will look like either I’ve been on holiday or I’ve got jaundice um, it’s leaning more towards jaundice, we’re done it feels like I’m done.

I can see myself in the mirror next up a bit of lippy with a hint of blue a hairdryer on the cold setting, believe it or not. There is a bit of science in this. In your front teeth, drying out the enamel turns it cloudy.

Hiding the yellow, dentine inside, don’t close your mouth because then you’ll put moisture back on. You actually can see a difference. At last, I look like the lady on the rocks Denise has spent much of her life.

Terrified of the dentist she’s been hoping that all her teeth fall out, so she never has to return, but today she’s tackled her fear and come to our clinic to meet serpil this time for treatment.

Still that fear of going in that chair of actually still having the teeth pulled or the noise of the drilling that kind of stuff is what I’m most fearful of it’s going to happen.

It’s something I’ve got to do, so I just want to get it done now. It was just, and she’s even agreed to try and have her teeth extracted without being sedated, she’s doing really well to reduce the chance of infection. Circle first needs to do a thorough, deep, clean. Okay, all done, do you need a little breather?

No, sure, that’s an achievement! That’s brilliant! You ain’t cost! No one yet or was that on the cards. Anything is possible with this woman.

So let’s take the teeth out. Shall we yes, but shall I let you into a little secret look one’s come out already? Okay, all right, you didn’t feel that. Did you, so you’re gonna count for me, Denise’s gum disease has caused drastic bone loss?

So, the extractions take just seconds.

Stop me by raising your hand, if you need to okay, two, it’s just the soft tissue holding them in she’s having her lower teeth extracted and both upper and lower dentures fitted Denise’s top set of dentures will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Should we try the lower one, but her new bottom ones are ready now gently, first of all, fantastic, take your glasses off.

What do you think, probably the first time in 20 years, that i can actually feel everything all round closing and i’ve not had that you’re shell-shocked? Aren’t you? It’s a bit overwhelming.

I hope its tears of joy, yeah. It’s just been a long time. Thank you, you’re welcome! Thank you.

It’s been a few weeks now and Denise’s old, ill-fitting dentures are a thing of the past. I want to see how she’s getting on with her new ones, hello, hi. How are you, let’s have a look? Ah, what a beautiful smile, wow, do you like them? So, how have things changed for you?

It’s given me, I think, an inner confidence. I can pretty much order anything and just get on with it, and I think a lot of people that don’t have problems with their teeth would never understand that today, Denise has ordered something she could never have eaten before, yeah.

How long have you had a burger? Like that five to six years, maybe this is my moment in time: wow, and I’ve still got your front teeth. That’s amazing!

I cancoming up next time.

You’ve got the teeth of a 65 70-year-old. Can circle and her team transform a singer’s smile and give her back the confidence to perform again as soon as you put a microphone in front of my face, then all the focus is here, and I stopped in the end because it made me feel so self-conscious And I’ll discover new science that proves that brushing your teeth properly can add years to your life.

These are cells, not behaving the way they should be behaving. That will be bad for your heart.

It will be bad for your brain. This will hurt every single organ in you.

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